The Red Paintings - Metal Mouth - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 5/5

Metal Mouth - United Kingdom - September 21, 2013
""It’s amazing how certain instruments intertwine with each other on this record; they know their place and how special their sound is for each tune. Mixed with the vocals of McSweeney, it’s out of this world.

This band could definitely cause some sort of upheaval to the talent we see in the charts and on the music video screens."

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The Red Paintings - God Is In The TV - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album review - Score 4/5

God Is In The TV - United Kingdom - September 13, 2013
"After listening to The Revolution Is Never Coming, that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has featured heavily in recent Red Paintings’ productions comes as no little surprise. One listen and you are drawn into a fantastical world, one full of strange enchanted sounds. The recording is a modern musical fantasy that spreads its colossal wings across an entire experience of desire.

It swells with an amorphous pride, a post-apocalyptic blast of sheer science-fantasy stuffed to its extra-terrestrial gills with energy, innovation and excitement. Listen to The Revolution is Never Coming and feed your head."
4/5 stars

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The Red Paintings - Eyes From The Mosh Pit - the Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 5/5

Eyes From The Mosh Pit - United Kingdom - September 12, 2013
"It is more than just an album it is a living breathing cacophany of sound that takes you on an incredible journey through soft mellow strings and finger picked guitars to then turning the screw and upping the ante by 1,000. Chances are after this album you will probably need a few seconds. And some alcohol like me, to allow your brain to process just what actually happened.

It's bold and subtle, loud but quiet and it’s the most epic sounding piece of melodic noise I have ever heard. You owe it to yourself to listen to this album right now."

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The Red Paintings - Rockadia - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 5/5

Rockadia - United Kingdom - September 08, 2013
"The band who are renowned for their electric stage performances, have struck my musical bone, they’ve made me feel the rhythm. I’ve shocked myself, I’m not usually one for this type of music, but heck, I’m falling straight in head first, loved up. I also have the notion to dance around, for the first time in my often one-dimensional musical world.

The Red Paintings are an ‘art rock’ band that will make you chase down that feeling of self love, that feeling of hope and glory. You will erase the pain that has warped your mind for sometime, they’re the medication, the antidote, the potion that could help you through the barrage of hard times. All hardships will be on hold."

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The Red Paintings - Get Ready To Rock - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 10/10

Get Ready To Rock - United Kingdom - September 07, 2013
"Musically, The Revolution is impossible to pigeonhole – the power and passion of Muse at their best is in evidence, but the The Red Paintings encompass so much more it’s a one-off.  But one that’s an inexorably magnetic vortex.  It may be one man’s madness, or genius – a musical Tim Burton whose visions of geishas, sea creatures, and aliens is impossible to ignore.

He may only have an underground following now, but if you’re up for an ‘out of world’ experience, try The Revolution Is Never Coming.  The Revolution will reach these shores live in November/December (2013).  Be warned – you may never see life, or music, the same way again."

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The Red Paintings - Pittsburgh Music Magazine - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album review - - Score 5/5

Pittsburgh Music Magazine - United States - August 26, 2013
"The Revolution Is Never Coming, is a deep, dynamic force of an album that’s at once familiar and alien..."

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The Red Paintings - Project: Poppycock - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 10/10

Project: Poppycock - United States - August 25, 2013
"The ethereal strings lure you into feelings of moving gracefully across undisturbed dustings of swirling snowflakes. The dilcid, harmonic voices lure you closer like sirens upon the weathered shores of a far off land. UFO’s pulsate light in time with chimes while hanging effortlessly in the sky except for the chugging belches of exhaust, as if placed with great care at dusk to live as silhouettes against the fiery, emblazoned sky. You crest a hill to lay eyes upon a haphazardly constructed house in the distance. A maze of floors, rooms, all shapes of windows conjuring thoughts of Escher and Burton. As you step in slow motion across the snow-kissed plain to the funhouse estate ahead, the ground gives way and you land hard in a chugging funhouse of freaks of singing strained chords, costumed as aliens and sea creatures who laugh through snarls ducking in and out of the shadows cast by a singular light above you. In the shadows you glimpse human canvases being painted ravenously while a full orchestra plays dissonantly over the whole, surreal scene.

This is the first two tracks of The Red Paintings’ new album ‘The Revolution is Never Coming..."

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The Red Paintings - Rockinside - The Revolution Is never Coming Album Review - Score 9/10

Rockinside - Russia - August 11, 2013
The Red Paintings First Russian Review - English Translation:

"It creeps into your ears like warm wax and fills your entire being with emotion. This new and mysterious life exists in every corner of this album, in every second of the long songs and in every chord of the many instrumental interludes. But this "something" that is lurking behind this curtain of poems cannot be called either tender or friendly. The music thunders [roars], screams and writhes, and while the tempos of the songs constantly flare up and subside, they force the wandering path of the ornate melodies into a sudden end. Where will this lead the lost listener? I think certainly not into a fairytale land where we partake in a tea party with the White Rabbit, but more into the grim antithesis: where we hear screams and moans, to that place where there are wars and revolutions, into that nightmare where there are both adults and children who are long dead. But have no fear. You see our congenial guide McSweeney will lead us to this unfortunate end with complete clarity [no brain fog], and using deliberate [arranged] theatricality -- in some places breaking out into a scream or suddenly falling into a whisper and at times simply reciting verse or relinquishing his place to the chorus -- he will tell you about a world which he himself created."

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The Red Paintings - Adam Not Eve - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 10/10

Adam Not Eve - Australia - August 08, 2013
"Classified as orchestral art rock, I am preparing myself for some pretty experimental stuff. The release is certainly not typical. It’s immediately dark, ethereal, and well, weird. Opener “Vampires Are Chasing Me” has an almost other worldly, dreamlike vibe to it, and I’m not surprised to read on wiki that the band are known for their “confronting and intense themed performances” . I’ve certainly seen bands get up on stage with matching outfits, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone don a geisha outfit or sea creature/alien costumes. Anyone who has the guts to rock that is pretty awesome.

I find myself really admiring their complete rejection of normality. There is something to be admired in doing things in your own unique way and The Revolution is Never Coming is certainly an example of that. In a musical world full of copycats, McSweeney and co should be applauded for their left of centre ways."

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The Red Paintings - mtvU - Wasps Music Video Review

mtvU - United States - July 10, 2013
"To say that experimental art rock band The Red Paintings have a flair for the dramatic is an understatement. The group, the brainchild of Trash McSweeney, is well known for their raucous, bizarre and engaging live performances so we were definitely looking forward to seeing their latest video for “Wasps.” The result is a dark, cinematic and slightly disturbing clip that is not dissimilar in spirit to work from Nine Inch Nails or 30 second to mars."

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The Red Paintings - Space Ship News - Live Review

Perth, The Rosemont - June 28, 2013
"As THE RED PAINTING’S frontman Trash McSweeney screamed, ‘I’m not on drugs, I swear! I’m just fucked up…,’ topless girls with only body paint to protect their modesty writhed on either side of the stage; a once blank canvas was awash with colour, and local yokels waltzed through the crowd in glowing extra-terrestrial attire. On paper, a spectacle; in person, something akin to a religious experience. With frantic riffing, haunting strings, and a primal energy that can’t be faked, TRP are not just another pretentious art-rock band. McSweeney is the main attraction – he moves like an animal that’s freshly released from years of miserable captivity, with an uncontrived quirkiness that channels Jim Morrison. Put simply, there is no one and nothing else out there like Trash McSweeney and his infinite imagination"

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Reviews hitting this week for our recent AU shows. One from Perth, giving us some super duper love. We hope to see you all again soon.

"As THE RED PAINTING’S frontman Trash McSweeney screamed, ‘I’m not on drugs, I swear! I’m just fucked up…,’ topless girls with only body paint to protect their modesty writhed on either side of the stage; a once blank canvas was awash with colour, and local yokels waltzed through the crowd in glowing extra-terrestrial attire. On paper, a spectacle; in person, something akin to a religious experience. With frantic riffing, haunting strings, and a primal energy that can’t be faked, TRP are not just another pretentious art-rock band. McSweeney is the main attraction – he moves like an animal that’s freshly released from years of miserable captivity, with an uncontrived quirkiness that channels Jim Morrison. Put simply, there is no one and nothing else out there like Trash McSweeney and his infinite imagination"

The Red Paintings - Time Off Magazine - Live Review

Brisbane Sydney, HIFI Bar - June 26, 2013
"TRP are seriously far too underrated as technically intricate players and as an encompassing live show - What else can one expect in honour of tonight’s headliners at The Hi-Fi than a parade of alt girls and guys in their best leathers-and-pleathers goth-emo garb, or whatever the hell it is these days. In fairness, there’s a good scattering of interested, curious and keen ho-hummers here to see one of the city’s most unsung live acts. That in itself is testament to the curiosity they’ve steadily piqued over the years, and with the merch desk spruiking dolls modelled on their leading man, it’s little wonder why....It’s been a criminally long time since we’ve seen Trash McSweeney and The Red Paintings dust off their costumes, but with their debut album finally on the shelf after five years in the making, all the stops have been pulled out for tonight’s theatrical spectacular. Insiders know a TRP gig is no ordinary night; it’s an event that gets silently drummed up to fever pitch and when it arrives no one is ever quite sure what to expect. A creepy atmospheric storm builds while two body-painted-black figures amble into place, soon followed by the old geisha vs Cossack figures of Trash and his four-piece. The lush violin and cello herald the pending onslaught of latest single You’re Not One Of Them. Despite a crapload of things going on around them – those black-clad figures are now being painted by some LED-lit creatures that have shuffled onstage while the others start tackling those mandatory blank canvases – it’s a precise and faultless performance. Charismatic as ever, McSweeney whips his troops into prog frenzy with Dead Adult and the Alice-themed Streets Fell Into My Window. While they’ve favoured mostly new stuff, a true oldie sneaks in the back door in the midst of the encore. Redneck gets a gracious whoop from those in the know in between the drawn-out The Revolution Is Never Coming. TRP are seriously far too underrated as technically intricate players and as an encompassing live show."

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Press Clipping from actual magazine.

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The Red Paintings - Victim Of Sound - Live Review

Victom Of Sound - Sydney - HIFI Bar - June 25, 2013
"The Red Paintings is more than just a live show - it's an entire art exhibition. Seeing The Red Paintings live is an experience like no other. I can't even find the words to describe how I felt after seeing them. I will say this though, it was over all too soon and I can't wait to escape with The Red Paintings again, and again, and again..."

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The Red Paintings - Vulture Magazine - Live Review

Vulture Music Magazine, Melbourne - June 23, 2013
".. This is a band that deserves more. More recognition, more fans, more album sales, more airplay.For the amount of imaginative input and obvious creative thoroughness, The Red Paintings are exceptional entertainment.The Red Paintings are multifaceted, ingenious and above all they are a creative force the catchall termed alternative local and overcrowded scene mostly lacks. If you have not heard of The Red Paintings yet, do yourself a favor and intensely Google that shizz. We do not think you’ll be disappointed when you find that the five piece, originally from Geelong, relocated to Brisbane and then dabbled with living in LA, have just returned to the motherland after a massive US tour supporting Mindless Self Indulgence.."

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The Red Paintings - hhhhappy - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 10/10

hhhhappy - Australia - June 05, 2013
"This album is overwhelming and terrifying in all the right ways, it pushes you to the brink of isolation but there is a vague sense that just beyond your line of sight there is a safety net to catch you. There is a physical impact when listening to The Revolution Is Never Coming, something that is a rare occurrence in any music these days, let alone from a debut.

The English language is lacking when it comes to describing this album; the best advice is just to sit back, strap yourself in and be prepared for one hell of a musical journey."

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The Red Paintings - The Music - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 5/5

The Music - Australia - May 30, 2013
"It’s hard to not be sucked in by the melodic, mesmerizing arrangement of each song, with their haunting, evocative lyrics ranging from political to social themes, to personal discovery and development.

The Red Paintings and their debut album The Revolution Is Never Coming is phenomenal. There is no other word to describe the sheer majestic, dynamic, out of this world orchestral sound and nature of this Brisbane quintet."

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The Red Paintings - The Dwarf - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 9/10

The Dwarf - Australia - May 29, 2013
"As with all great concept albums, this one must be listened to from beginning to end (at least to make any sense out of it). Like the opening scene of a movie, ‘Vampires Are Chasing Me’ sets the pace of the album. The orchestral effect-driven track layers melody upon melody to produce a haunting introduction to the piece.

Midway through the release ‘Fall Of Rome’ shines like a beacon and is a masterpiece of song writing. The combination of orchestral dynamics, distorted rock and whaling vocals take the cinematic sound to a whole new level.

Just when you think you’ve made sense of the last 12 songs, the final and title track ‘The Revolution Is Never Coming’ turns around and stabs you in the face (or ear). It’s hard to explain what is going on with this release and there is so much here that my brain is fried by the end. Remember the feeling you got at the end of watching Donnie Darko?… Well it’s kind of like that, you know you just witnessed something awesome but I could never tell you what it was."

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The Red Paintings - AAA Backstage - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 10/10

AAA BAckstage - Australia - May 29, 2013
"The range of musical ideas on The Revolution is Never Coming is quite simply, staggering, and will have your head in a spin if you can stand the pace. From the delicate piano and strings of opener 'Vampires', to the crushing metal bawling of second track 'Dead Children', and the fairy-folk flitterings of 'Dead Adult' (noticing a pattern here?) the scope is mind boggling.

... Allow yourself to slide deep into the belly of the beast – it's quite the ride."

Read full review HERE

The Red Paintings – The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - score 10/10 stars

Tonedeaf Music - May 24, 2013
The first two album reviews to roll out in the past 48hrs have given ‘The Revolution Is Never Coming’ 10 out of 10 stars, a perfect score. For an album that most thought was never going to see the light of day it may just have been all worth the hard work and the wait. Here is what TONEDEAF media have to say about the new release.

''There is nothing to fault in this extraordinary and long awaiting long player debut and it will no doubt bring further international acclaim to the Australian band.'' ...
''Taking elements from the full rainbow of rock from the 60s to the future and beyond, you’ll find The Beatles sitting alongside Karnivool, and Radiohead in a world where Seattle grunge, punk, neo-classical, prog, and many more genres live harmoniously...’’

Read Full Article HERE  ToneDeafLogof6f27e

The Red Paintings – The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - score 10/10 stars

Zoo Magazine - May 22, 2013
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The Red Paintings - You're Not One Of Them

Beat Magazine - April 20, 2013
Geelong-born, LA-based quintet The Red Paintings have produced a scorching emo monster with You’re Not One Of Them, a string-heavy but racing post-rock extravaganza that will wreck the head of many a hormonal teenager. It is big and beastly and I think kind of brilliant – undoubtedly brilliant if blood-boiling angst is your preferred emotional key.

*Link to full review HERE

The Red Paintings - Streets Fell Into My Window

Rolling Stone Magazine - February 01, 2013
Released as a taster for their forthcoming album, Australian based The Red Paintings have recently toured the UK and EU. ‘Streets Fell Into My Window’ could be described as an epic slice of alternative rock. Sounding like ‘Album Of The Year’ era Faith No More rocking out with Mew this track would feel comfortably at home on many of the mainstream American rock radio stations. The song is well polished and much time has obviously been spent on its mixing and mastering. If the album reaches a similar quality peak it could be a very enjoyable listen.Mark Whiffin

The Red Paintings - SOLD OUT - Tree Show THREE review

Wolloongabba Theatre (Brisbane) - March 12, 2011
When secret shows are advertised, tickets are generally gobbled up as fast as possible by keen fans. The Red Paintings’ Brisbane Tree Show was no different, as an originally billed One Night Only gig expanded to three intimate, very special nights. Inspired by the equally whimsical and disturbing works of Los Angeles artist Mark Ryden, the Tree Show venue - a “regular” house in Brisbane’s Southside - was transformed into a truly magical cavern/forest, transporting the lucky audience to a place outside of this world. Fans were encouraged to dress as characters from Mark Ryden’s Tree Show collection and though the response was limited, the ones who did make an effort topped off the night with spectacular, very detailed costumes. The trek to the secret venue was unexpected, as the audience, led by the characters of Mark Ryden’s Allegory of the Four Elements, walked in single file down the main roads of Woolloongabba, causing many to double-take the parade of balloon-wielders. Just as feet began to tire, the party reached their unseaming destination. The Allegory of the Four Elements girls ushered the crowd into a dark, small cave decorated with stalagtites and tree stumps as stools. The immense effort put into the venue was clear from the beginning, but no-one could have expected what was to follow.

The audience were no disappointment, demonstrating their appreciation for the music by singing along to more well-known songs such as Cinema Love, We Belong In The Sea, and the band’s brilliant rendition of Mad World, assisted by the booming vocals of Abraham Lincoln. The entire evening was binded together with a strong sense of connection between the band and their crowd through the intimacy of the venue. The night took a heavily emotional turn, however, when Trash performed an acoustic song written for his recently deceased step-father. With his mother and brother in the crowd, the whole room fell silent as goosebumps rose on everyone’s skin. Not a single fan was left untouched by the raw honesty and sorrow of the performance.

The beauty of The Red Paintings lies in their ability to connect with, and to care genuinely about their dedicated fans. The evening was special because of the mystical venue, other-worldly character costumes and detailed set, but it was made something else through the open willingness of everyone present to explore and experiment outside the conventional comfort-zone of regular performance. The Tree Show was a truly memorable evening, which will undoubtedly remain in memory for a long time.Tina Gaudry

The Red Paintings - SOLD OUT - Tree Show TWO review

Wolloongabba Theatre (Brisbane) - March 11, 2011
The first song I heard of The Red Paintings was Streets Fell into My Window. The track was on a freebie CD I got with Blunt Mag. Being an avid Alice in Wonderland fan since I was knee-high to a hopper, I was really intrigued by the clever and eccentric intro to this song. I played it a fair bit, but I admit my fascination with The Red Paintings soon fell by the wayside. In 2007, a friend of mine mentioned a unique and very entertaining gig he attended. When he told me it was The Red Paintings, I was instantly reminded of the first time I listened to them, rekindling an old flame. I saw them play for the first time with Mindless Self Indulgence in ’09, and was awestruck. I was so delighted to get my grubby paws on tickets to The Tree Show.....

Upon arriving at a special meeting point, we were greeted by Bird, a sweet woman with a white bob and a bird on her head, in reference to Ryden’s Allegory of the Four Elements. Bird gave us a balloon each and took us for a walk to an old house where we tied them to a clothesline before entering. There we met Bird’s friends Squirrel, Deer and Fish and entered the house. The walls were lined with elaborate paintings of trees, a figure of Yoshi sat under the stairs and grass covered every part of the floor. A small bar offered themed beverages- I had a YHWH Martini and prepared to enter the “cave”.

Walking into the room was like stepping into not just one, but all of Ryden’s paintings. The walls were crafted to resemble those of a cave, paper machÉ stalactites hung from the ceiling while all the seats were decorated as tree stumps. The foundation posts were made up as trees, featuring digital displays of blinking eyes. Synthetic turf covered the stage area floor which remained low lit and somewhat eerie as copious amounts of smoke billowed around the audience, all eyes fixed on the forest before them.

“Four score and seven years ago…” the voice of Abraham Lincoln boomed from the smoky forest, as the lights brightened and music began to play. The band came into view as the air cleared, the President left the stage and TRP opened their set with Dead Adults. Trash’s voice was flawless. I know as much about tempo and vibrato as I do about automotive engineering, but I do have shit hot taste in music, and that mans voice is absolutely f**king incredible. Equally incredible was that the entire band was dressed as characters from Ryden’s Tree Show series, painted up and/or clad in drag. Behind them, amongst the fog were two women, ghostly white with large branch-like hairstyles, whose dresses acted as canvases for artists who painted to the music. After the first Tree Show I attended, I was lucky enough to be invited back the following night to paint a human canvas. It was an experience I will never forget.

So much thought had gone into creating this show, a spectacular display of not only Ryden’s Tree show, but of the creativity and emotions that drive this band. - There was a nest with three dolls sitting on the ground in front of the band, another doll with antlers propped on the keyboard. Bubbles floated across the stage at one point, and many other features, all references to Ryden’s work, carefully incorporated into one performance, shown only 3 times to a small number of people. Phones and cameras were prohibited, forcing the audience to let go of the commercial world in which we live, and connect through music and art.

As the show neared finishing time, TRP played their version of Mad World with Abe Lincoln on guest vocals, and finished the set with a cover of David Bowie’s Five Years. The Red Paintings’ Tree Show was an artistic display of music, how music should be a lyrical interpretation of art, how art should be. I thoroughly enjoyed both shows I attended; I will carry these memories with me forever.Em Livingston

The Red Paintings - SOLD OUT - Tree Show one review

Wolloongabba Theatre (Brisbane) - March 05, 2011
The Tree Show by The Red Paintings was nothing short of magical. I can honestly say that the whole experience was unlike anything I have ever witnessed

It felt like a gift that I was blessed with because I just happened to be invited to the show by a good friend of mine, Sacha. I am from Cocoa Beach, Florida and have been traveling for about a month. I started out in New Zealand, and knew that I wanted to venture over to OZ, but I wasn't sure when exactly. When Sacha invited me to a show by The Red Paintings on March 5th, I decided to book my flight to depart Auckland, NZ on March 4th. I had been to multiple shows with Sacha before over in the states, and I knew she had impeccable taste in music, so I figured that if she said it would be good, I would probably love it. The Tree Show was totally above and beyond those expectations.

I loved the balloons and the walk to the venue. It brought me back to feeling like a kid, and the journey was like a mysterious adventure as I kept wondering, 'are we there yet? are we there yet?' Chipmunk kept looking back with her beautiful smile and getting me so excited. I couldn't wait to solve the mystery of where we were going, and it was fun to follow after her wondering what the future had in store. I could already tell that whatever it was, it was going to be good!

When we reached our destination and I got to see the inside of the giant house, I felt overwhelmed. It was decorated so creatively with interesting artwork adorning every wall and corner. Yoshi was a beautiful opener, and his music made me feel warm and welcome at this place. I felt so special as I looked around, because I realized how much time and effort was put into this event. Hours of sweat and preparation went into this night, and that alone blew me away already.

I also liked the idea that phones and cameras were forbidden. It made the experience sacred, which it proved to be. Those objects often cheapen our experience of the present, because we are too busy trying to preserve our memories than absorbing that moment. In this day and age I find people to be too wrapped up in their digital lives, and it was nice to escape this distraction if only for a few pure hours.

When the show began, Trash's voice went straight to my soul. The band had so many interesting layers that the music lulled me into a trance. My attention was completely arrested by the powerful performance. I was also very impressed with the bad ass drummer and Abe Lincoln's bone chilling voice. I get chills just thinking about the show as I write this. I loved the artwork being done during the songs. Art is so circular, and I firmly believe that art inspires art, and that was a beautiful illustration of that idea.

My only complaint would be that it got a bit hot during the show. I have to say, though, that when songs were being played, I couldn't think about hot how I was, the music was that magical. With that music I could have sat in that hot room forever!

The icing on the cake (literally, he he) was when Bird and Chipmunk served delicious treats after the show. We don't have fairy bread or iced vovos in the states, and they were both so incredibly yummy! I have a sweet tooth and definately indulged. But it just seemed right after indulging all of my other senses! I also appreciated the cute little green cupcake that Chipmunk gave me. This was fully the most memorable show ever.

Thank you for the beautiful gift and experience. I have been to over 200 concerts and 13 music festivals, and I never had a band do something other than play music for me, so this display and treatment really did floor me. I will surely never forget a single moment.

Thank you again for the amazing treatment. Beautifully well done, shine on!Mellisa Diamond (Written by a fan from Florida, USA who attended the show)
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