The Red Paintings - Rolling Stone Magazine - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 4/5

Rolling Stone Magazine - Australia - June 01, 2014
"...creating a warped, bipolar introduction rounded out by a 35 piece orchestra and 22 member choir. Like a thrilling, manic decent on a violent helter-skelter ride it sinks into a spectrum of despair with cascading strings and oriental hums... It shifts from woozy, whir-ing pangs to orchestra misery against a mechanical heartbeat......Grandiose absinthe-soaked delirium never wavers" 4/5

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The Red Paintings - PennyBlackMusic - Live Review

Rock City - Nottingham - UK - May 13, 2014

"Not for the first time, the Red Paintings unleashed their unique brand of rock/art on the Nottingham public. We last saw them at the Bodega a few months ago. This time the sticky-floored basement downstairs at Rock City played host.

The main act were alternative rockers InMe. They were supported by Bristol's Oxygen Thief, but once again it was Trash McSweeney and the gang that stole the show. This time, trading as a four piece with Trash on guitar and sporting a violinist, they cruised through their set with ease, closely watched by an alien being to the left who was gradually being painted by the same artist that I recognised at the Bodega.

Trash's sense of humour and playful wit didn't go amiss either, as he exchanged banter with members of the crowd who were warming to the Red Paintings’ fabulous stage presence. They worked their way through most of the tracks on their debut album 'The Revolution is Never Coming', and they seemed to me to be a bit heavier than the last time I saw them. Trash certainly seemed a little more animated, probably encouraged by the size of the packed basement who looked on in amazement not just at the sheer spectacle but at the music too. One of the highlights on this set was the violinist who meandered through the band's set, looking as mysterious as the extra terrestrial at the side.

Not having the benefit of a big stage, they made use of every inch of this one and still came out on top. As we wandered out near the end, there were a smattering of revellers shocked at just how good the Red Paintings were. As I have seen them a few times now, I wasn't. I was just made up to have seen them again. Marvellous!"

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The Red Paintings - Porle Joen - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 5/5

Australia - January 09, 2014
"The Red Paintings are a unique band headed by a very unique person. Their debut album, "The Revolution is Never Coming," is an album that will take you on a journey not only of fantastic music but also of realisation and understanding. Each individual piece is entertainment but as a collection, they are a brilliant concept that delve into a much deeper subconscious knowledge of fear and need..." 

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The Red Paintings - Big Cheese Magazine - Review

Big Cheese Magazine - UK - January 03, 2014

The Red Paintings - Echoes And Dust - Live Review

The Liquid Room - Edinburgh - UK - December 01, 2013
"One of the set highlights was next with the Alice in Wonderland inspired ‘Streets Fell into My Window’, followed by ‘Dead Children’. At this point Trash took the time to address the crowd and dedicate his love to Edinburgh with its old windy cobblestone streets, and he softly started singing the opening lines to the Tears for Fears cover ‘Mad World’ that the audience knew very well (hopefully not because of the various television talent show versions), and they started singing along impressively. This also resulted in the loudest applause for The Red Paintings of their set, which was ended with a great version of the album title track ‘The Revolution Is Never Coming’.

... what they demonstrated at this gig is that they are able to translate the complex songs of the album into the live setting very well, and it only makes me look forward a lot to their headline gig coming up in Edinburgh in February."

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The Red Paintings - Rockadia - Live Review

The Waterfront - Norwich - UK - November 30, 2013
"Throughout the show the infinitive imagination of McSweeney comes alive through a whole range of controversial and poignant soundtracks. Perhaps the definitive soundtrack of his life? He explores the dark, the miserable and the aching, the divine, the sensuous and the inevitable beauty. He presents the quiet, the loud, the smooth and the distorted. The music provokes dorment sensations, ones that have slept through the modern day mundane compositions that are continously written, and re-written over and over. This is different, on so many levels. Call it prog-rock. Call it diverse orchestral rock. Call it what you like, there is simply no other act like it and it’s one of the most dynamic performances I have seen to date!

I genuinely urge you to see this band live. They will take you on a musical experience that I guarantee you’ve never trekked before. Discover The Red Paintings!"

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The Red Paintings - GIGgle Pics - Live Review

Koko - Camden, London - UK - November 29, 2013
"Australian orchestral art rockers The Red Paintings were second on bill.  Dressed in geisha outfits complete with stage makeup, the band didn’t stop pushing the boat out there; they are known for inviting audience members and local artists onstage to paint on human and blank canvases.  They were nothing like I have ever seen or heard before; a violinist replaces the conventional lead guitar which makes for a much more artistic and captivating performance.  If this wasn’t enough creativity, the band took inspiration from the cult classic Donnie Darko by covering Tears for Fears’ ‘Mad World’.  It was a beautiful rendition of the 80s classic, starting off slow but then bursting into a sublimity of noise.  Instead of sticking with the dejected theme of the song, they moulded the lyrics to fit with their dark personality to create a version that proved very powerful and enthralling.  ‘The Streets Fell into My Window’ is a dark twist on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and there was definitely a feel of Tim Burton’s early work to it."

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The Red Paintings - Penny Black Music - Live Review

Koko - Camden, London - UK - November 29, 2013
"An Australian band, the Red Paintings were touring off the back of their debut album which amazingly has taken five years to make, such is the intricate and dedicated way lead singer Trash McSweeney has approached it. If the attention to detail in the album was noticeable, then the live set blew you apart. This was no ordinary show. It was a spectacle - A theatrical performance of epic proportions compared to what we usually see on the gig stage. This was something else. They take to the road again next year I am reliably informed, taking in venues across Britain. Be warned. Do not miss this. It is “Orchestral Art Rock” in all sorts of Cosmic dimensions...

...Working their way through the debut album 'Your Revolution is Never Coming' Trash and the rest of the band were surrounded by objects. On both sides of the heaving stage there were big white humanoid creatures being feverishly body painted by reversed-faced blacked-out little people. There were Oriental ladies playing violins, and little green men holding even littler green pickled men in jam jars and giant white ants with Chinese symbols painted on them. The stage was as frenetic as the crowd the Red Paintings were performing to. KOKO was loving it. I made my way up to the top once I had done in the pit, because I thought it would be a little less berserk up there but I was so wrong. They were going mental up there too. There was no respite. And it was great..."

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The Red Paintings - - Live Review

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark - November 25, 2013
"But nothing could've prepared me for the support band The Red Paintings from Australia, whose opening set featured so many instances of "what the fuck is happening?" in a row that I was at a loss of words for the majority of their 40 minute set. Here's what I jotted down as notes as I was trying to wrap my head around that exact question for the entirety of their set.

The band engage in progressive art rock of the strangest kind I've ever heard, one that's engulfed in chaotic symphonies that see the Geisha violently thrash around the stage, and the cello player move in strangely rhythmic rotations next to her. Samples intrude the music, as do rapid tempo shifts and explorations of the outer realms of what can still be considered rock music. Experimentalism is the goal, progressive structures the facility, yet the songs shape shift into oddly catchy alternative rock passages in an unexpected manner.

Now how on earth do you rate this show? It's either one of total lunacy, or pure genius. I'm gonna go with the latter... In fact, to call it a show is an understatement - this was performance arts."

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The Red Paintings - Uber Rock - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 9/10

Uber Rock - United Kingdom - October 23, 2013
"Dramatic, epic, dark and cinematic and with several songs hitting the 9 minute mark it's not for the faint hearted or those with a short attention span. It's an overblown album of epic proportions that marries 30 Seconds To Mars commercial, modern progressive rock sound with classic Marilyn Manson electro goth-tinged Industrial rock, an imaginary soundtrack to some insane Tim Burton/Danny Elfman inspired rock opera.

Trash is a man who has sacrificed much and compromised little in the last 5 years to bring his vision to the world, and some accomplishment it truly is. Trash has fully realised his dream album and a highly polished album at that. Produced and written by one man and bought to the world by a cast of literally hundreds, it's ambitious to say the least and he has successfully reinterpreted the madness going on in his mind to music. The fusion of multiple musical genres makes for an interesting and diverse sounding album with much to digest. The Revolution may well never come but The Red Paintings surely are here, Trash McSweeney may be one man but his following is growing in numbers and we can only expect it to grow further."

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The Red Paintings - Music Connection - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 8/10

Music Connection - United States - October 17, 2013
"The music is an ambitious blend of neo-classical textures, performance art and rock & roll anarchy. Trash McSweeney addresses songs of nihilism, social ennui and the human condition with raw passion and verve. The result comes off like a cross between Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and Japanese Kabuki Theater. This is a fresh and dynamic sound that is artistically and philosophically a revolution on many fronts."

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The Red Paintings - Penny Black Music - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 9/10

Penny Black Music - United kingdom - October 16, 2013
"I think there is an element of ‘Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of the War of the Worlds’ as well drifting in and out, especially on tracks like the epic ‘Wasps’ and ‘Hong Kong’... this is a vast album extensively loaded with soft strings, blasting percussion and raucous guitars, splattered with odd sci-fi noises and tweeks and bleeps."

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The Red Paintings - Slam Alternative Music Magazine - The Red Paintings Album Review - Score 9/10

Slam Alternative Music Magazine - Germany - October 15, 2013
"The Red Paintings The Revolution Is Never Coming Graphite/Edel Another debut that just blows my mind. In five years THE RED PAINTING’s Mastermind Trash McSweeney produced an album which you can call the perfect recording. THE RED PAINTINGS floats somewhere inbetween Indiepop, Industrial and Neo Prog. Epic is just the first description that fits The Revolution Is Never Coming. The quiet opener "Vampires Are Chasing Me" spreads a gloomy atmosphere which stays the whole record with its string instruments and Trash McSweeney’s voice, that sometimes reminds of Maynard James Keenan. The single songs differ a lot from each other, but everything fits together. The Industrial track "Wasps" finds its place on the record just like the indiepop-sounding "You’re Not One Of Them". Both of these tracks’ videos can be found on YouTube where you can see THE RED PAINTINGS’ need for visualization of music. Trash sees colours when listening to music, so at live shows there are artists on stage painting as they hear the songs. Whoever wants to take a glance at a synthesis of the arts and isn’t frightened by different genres, should lend an ear to The Revolution Is Never Coming." Sabine Miesgang - 9/10

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The Red Paintings - Press Pass LA - Live Review

Hollywood - United States - October 15, 2013
"It was a very interesting Saturday night in Hollywood, and this is saying a lot for Hollywood! Watching The Red Paintings perform at Bar Sinister on the Sunset Strip is the ideal spot for the band. The band’s incorporation of live art, human canvases and theatrics made everything all the more surreal.

The climax for me came during their hit song, “Wasps“ which was very dynamic. I liked the energy and all the costume changes. The violin player was epic. In addition, I felt like Mcsweeney did an excellent job on vocals. When he sang, the room was his."

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The Red Paintings - Headwarmer - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 5/5

Headwarmer - United Kingdom - October 13, 2013
"Goddam! We nearly let this one pass us by. What a crime that would’ve been. Australia’s The Red Paintings are described as orchestral art-rock. We would tend to agree but would probably add ‘unique’ and ‘dazzling’ to that classification. The most extravagant and cinematic albums you’re likely to hear all year. Mixing elements of Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Arcade Fire, even a touch of Tool in there, this band have achieved what most bands search for in a lifetime – an album that’s diverse, edgy, colourful and emotionally dynamic from start to finish. There’s some serious work gone into this and their appeal can only be huge as a result. Reaching across a myriad of genres The Revolution… should speak to baroque-pop steam-punks, metal heads, indie rockers, prog stylists and alt-folkers the world over; it’s that expansive, that contemporary, that significant. Granted there’s a palpable pomposity and pretension that occasionally amazes; but only occasionally. There are cinematic operas on here that will sweep you up in a whirlwind of bows, strings, guitars and grandeur. The Red Paintings have taken a blank canvas and created a magic eye masterpiece, that’s as enthralling as it is bold and daringly complex. Way above their antipodean peers and destined to look down on us all, we urge you to climb aboard this ride to the stratosphere and not look back."

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The Red Paintings - - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 4/5 - United States - October 06, 2013
"The Red Paintings don’t need help from electronics to create a full sound. Revolution features a 35-piece orchestra and a 22-person choir, which provide the tools necessary to create an Asian-style sound in “Hong Kong” or accomplish wide dynamic ranges such as in “The Fall of Rome.” The beauty of this band and this album in particular, though, is that even with all of these haughty elements, it remains accessible thanks to McSweeney’s engaging melodies and vulnerable Reznor-esque vocals.

The Revolution is Never Coming was five years in the making, and that care is evident in the compositions throughout. One can imagine that every song was crafted with its live counterpart in mind. The Red Paintings are on tour now, so if you want your concert-going experience to be an experience instead of merely a performance, check out this album and go see them at a venue near you."

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The Red Paintings - Split Magazine - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 9/10

Split Magazine - United Kingdom - October 04, 2013
"This album was funded by fans of the band from throughout the world. The music almost creates a painting and a beautiful one at that. If The Red Paintings ever play a town near you, they combine art and music in their live shows, using unique visual projections along with human body and canvas painters who join them on stage to create artwork that reflects the music and energy. The band is the brainchild of Trash McSweeney who since suffering a near fatal seizure, has devoted his life to his art.

There are some stunning pieces of music on this album. "Dead Children" is a dramatic helter skelter of sound. Take the experimentalism of Radiohead, the edge of Smashing Pumpkins and the grandiose tension and theatricality of Muse, then you‟ll get somewhere close to the mark. The added orchestration on their songs, normally added as they progress add to the mood and feeling that the songs conjure up. In their heavier moments, they can be deep and intense, but always captivating. "Streets Fell Into My Window‟ takes some inspiration from Alice In Wonderland. This is a song with a dark side, just like "It Is As It Was". The heavy instrumentation of the latter brings a musical tension. "Hong Kong" contains many shifts in sound and there's lots going on within its 9 minute duration. A little more obscure, the intensity and drama, particularly in its false endings is mind-blowing.

As the lyrics of The Revolution Is Never Coming go, “All good things must come to an end” and it's left to the title track to bring this album to a close. Once again, just when you think things have come to an end, there's a pause in the song before it fires up again. This is an outstanding and unique album."

The Red Paintings - Golden Mixtape - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 4/5

Golden Mixtape - United States - October 02, 2013
"The Red Paintings is a rock band that takes on an exciting orchestral feel to construct a sound that thrives on the emotive of drama and colour. If you’re into things that are unlike the norm, then check out The Revolution Is Never Coming, out now. You wont be dissapointed"

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The Red Paintings - Stabcast - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 10/10

Stabcast - United States - October 02, 2013
"The Revolution Is Never Coming, is a sprawling and frenetic journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape, going from hard rock to punk to heavy electronic to indie and back, all while telling a story of worlds won and lost, and battles over before a shot is even fired. Singer Trash McSweeney’s vocals jump from a sweet whisper to a harsh battle cry in the blink of an eye, telling of children’s fables and alien invasions, of revolutions and resignation. The schizophrenic sound can be jarring at times, but it all ends up fitting together in a strange and wondrous way; the clashing sounds and structures grate against each other to create a friction that unites everything. The closing eponymous track, “The Revolution Is Never Coming”, goes through multiple movements and modes, from spooky atmosphere to brash boasting, and ending on a cacophonous apocalypse."

Read full review HERE

The Red Paintings - Altrocklive - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 10/10

Altrocklive - United States - September 30, 2013
"...But what I love about this album the most is that it feels complete and feels like its a long theme with hundreds of elements forming the story, It's becoming rare in rock to hear an album that feels complete on various levels but The Red Paintings have created it.

The music is something that should be experienced.

Overall I would recomend this album to any rock fan, it has a dynamic range and fumes talent in every second, the tracks are long and well composed, the lyrics are strongs and rhythmic, the music is fantastic..."

Listen to the full review HERE 
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The Red Paintings - Rock Sound Magazine - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 7/10

Rock Sound - Europe - September 30, 2013
TRP - Rock Sound album review.jpeg

The Red Paintings - Rock Made Of Metal - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 10/10

Rock Made Of Metal - United Kingdom - September 27, 2013
"...This album, the revolution is never coming, made by a band which features an Asian geisha and a human embryo in a jar, could possibly be the best album released this year.

Still, even throughout all of this genre experimentation, The Red Paintings still manages to hold onto a classical, wallowing sense of identity. This identity transcends each individual song to create a fluid album that will take the listener through a carefully weaved ride of conspiring insanity, fuelled by desperation, anger, depression, greed, political messages and conspiracies theories.

What else can I say about this record? A complex, interweaving ride of carefully built insanity. The Red Paintings takes the listener though the psyche of a man angry at the world and tormented by his own thoughts and demons. You will never know where you will go next, but with song writing this heartfelt and creatively produced, you won’t care. You will twist, turn and fall throughout this ride with a smile on your face and begging to go again.

Why do you even need to ask for a score, 10 out of 10."

Read full review HERE

The Red Paintngs - Fake Walls - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 10/10

Fake Walls - United States - September 26, 2013
"The Revolution Is Never Coming feels like 13 dismal chapters of an apocalyptic novel set to the cinematic musical stylings of Hans Zimmer. Perhaps that's what makes the record so much more opulent in value. McSweeney's lyrics should be just as assertive as the grandiose music which gives said lyrics character. "The Streets Fell Into My Window" is a morbid adaptation of Alice In Wonderland with its focal point on death ("The streets came in/Into my window/Now the war begins,my dear/As you're passing this life).  The Nine Inch Nails-inspired number "Wasps" revolves around the arrival of aliens on the homeland with the narrator seemingly bewildered about the situation at hand ("No one's here to collect your daughter/ Bear in mind, it's the hour past midnight/ What am I trying to say?"). With its energetic pulse, "Wasps" is the kind of track that could easily find itself blared inside every industrial club in America. McSweeney seems to work more thoroughly with longer songs like "Hong Kong" which features a near catastrophic orchestral bridge that would simply flourish in a live atmosphere. Perfectly ending the record is the title track which feels more like a call to arms than a gloomy view on society. The constant cry of "Your revolution's never coming" is enough to make people stand up and actually make a change in this somewhat chaotic world we live in."

Read full review HERE   

The Red Paintings - Target Audience Magazine - The Revolution Is Never Coming Album Review - Score 10/10

Target Audience Magazine - United States - September 24, 2013
"...Each song on The Revolution Is Never Coming effortlessly flows into the next, as this thematically album is to consume and simultaneously be consumed by the listener.

Deathly sentiments are romanticized on this art rock composition; drawing together everything from elements of industrial to punk with bouts of rock to sparks of alternative, all while bringing grandeur of orchestral pieces into the mix for each song."

Once you start listening to The Revolution is Never Coming, you won’t be able to stop. It’s driven and heady with powerful resolve. Trash McSweeney brings art to life."

Read full review HERE
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The red Paintings - Echoes And Dust - The revolution Is Never Coming Album review - Score 9/10

Echoes And Dust - United Kingdom - September 23, 2013
"...Revolution... is akin to Tool at their most cerebral. There are compound time signatures, chugging, aggressive guitars and ambitious vocals. McSweeney may not have the range of Maynard James Keenan - very few do - but he has the passion, and a similar, ethereal quality. In terms of the scope of the album, it bears more than a passing similarity to Pink Floyd’s The Wall; it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see this turned into a feature length film.

The Revolution Is Never Coming is a breathtaking labour of love, a piece of art that deserves recognition beyond The Red Paintings’ enthusiastic fanbase."

Read full review HERE 

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