Volume 2 - The Music Video Art works

Sunday, 01 February 2009

Not just with the music side of the album but with all aspects what an album brings, I had the vision worked out except for mostly the fine tuning. The music videos for this album had to be epic and had to be like nothing else I have or will ever create again, but most importantly they have to represent something real and passionate that I believe in or hope to see changed in the world. So after many meetings with the (seriously guys) incredible film crew I mustered up to work with, we finally had everyone on the same page and away we went to shoot the videos.

These videos at first budget were going to cost around 50k + each. I was lucky enough to drop that price to much lower costing, as I had no choice also, but was able to still get the same results and a big thank you to Individuum for getting me through some tough times because these videos almost did not happen.

Moogie was a machine and is the #1 reason we were able to once again take my vision and make it a reality. We spent hrs and hrs and hrs building MASSIVE sets of all kinds of materials, painting autopsy chair, costumes etc etc and we made pretty much everything from scratch. Even my 21 year old Brother (who I sadly never get to see, I have 6 brothers and sisters back home) came up from Geelong to help build a huge Art Gallery. It wasn't always fun and games and we went through some very personally and emotional times. Fuk it was hard, on the night before shooting I thought we weren't going to make it through and tension was so fucked up and high but by the skin of our teeth we focused and came up with the goods and these first two videos which we shot back to back over 2 weeks were some of the most creative and unique experiences of my life.

After 2nd prep meeting, it was decided because my vision was strong on this video & right down to what shots I wanted, pan's etc that it made sense for me to be the director of both videos. Which was a real challenge for me but I think crucial, and it meant I didn't have to for the first time fight with another director to get the shot and tell the story in the video the way I see it, the way I feel it.

I really feel lucky to have been able to make these works of ART and really that's what they have become, you will understand what I mean by that when you see them. I am so so so excited to release them.

No one knows this but my vision for the album was 9 music videos. I had an in-depth meeting with my amazing friend Clint (Red tape Pics) and we discussed all my ideas I had at that time and it was decided that he would direct and script a music video for “Streets Fell into My Window”. This was exciting for me as I always wanted that song to be a single release and always dreamt of a fucked up Alice in wonderland, TRP style music video to go with it. So after 2 massive weekends of shooting clip 1 and 2 – we demolished all our sets and away we went to shoot clip 3 the next week. Clint had some incredible ideas for this video, now im not one for giving up my creative rights on my songs that easy but I have alot of trust in this boys skills and as I thought he pulled off something really special considering once again our budgets were so low. I'm excited to see how that one will turn out in the coming months.

Other videos will follow in the new year and I have some really exciting ideas that involve celebrity actors in USA and also a video for a ballad on the album that is about last 3 days of Heath Ledger, which im hoping when the time is right, to travel to New York to shoot.

So after all this shooting and all these hrs and hrs that have gone into making the videos we then have to look forward to editing all the footage. As everything with this album and it really is no ones fault but my own and of course lack in finances, the editing for the videos ends up taking a lot more time then I expected and after sitting with and editing clip one and two on and off over a few weeks I find we still are not getting the exact results I'm looking for but its close. I'm trying to juggle the album that pretty much is killing all my creative drive then im having to spend hrs and hrs on end to try sit with editing friends to get videos right – Lets just say its hard to sleep when all this is running through you head and your kicking yourself constantly to get things right.

The end of the year was approaching and the video is on hiatus for 3 weeks or more. We toured with Saul and I took 4 weeks off with family and really started to relax for the first time in along time, my health had been deteriorating all year due to my lack of eating so time out was inevitable– swimming with seals, dolphins, went to fairy park, hung out with all my families animals, went to animal sanctuary, spent two days and a night travelling down Great Ocean Road, lost my brothers dog, put Lost dog signs around the town were they live, found him 4 days later, thank god, drank lots of cock-tails and the list goes on..

When I returned we decided the videos (even tho I was told were now fully edited and locked away) needed re – editing, especially Clip 2 and 4 of us sat in a room for I think it was almost 2 weeks straight and took the time to get the best of the best for video one. We really worked hard on this and we didn't let anything slip by. Finally Video one is all done sealed and delivered and has already been shopped to some big players in USA and had an incredible response even landing us a tour that we are about to announce shortly.

It's amazing what one song and one video can do for a band. Last 2 weeks ive been doing same procedure, 3 of us start at 10am finish at 5pm, go through every shot, find the best of the best play with everything and anything you can until its right. In 2 weeks time I think it's safe to say video two will be done. Those who read my Trash Journal will notice a post with my views on what an art gallery means to me and what It represent's in my life. I shot the music video and created a song that represents all that means in visual metaphor.

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My Health

Volume 1 - Where is my head at and where is this album I promised you?

Friday, 30 January 2009

It's been getting hard for me to write on the forum, let alone a Trash Journal (It's been over a year), let alone a song. Let alone just enjoy music in general. This album and EVERYTHING that has gone with it, the band and my everyday life, has been a struggle for some time for me. I've been quite secluded from most things when I can, especially in the past year, and for good reason.

Where do I start and how do I explain what I'm talking about?

This could take some time so... here goes it.

Let's start with the album:

As you all know, I had the concept for this album for some time and I was prepared to work to the bone to make it a reality and the dream album I wanted to make, which is why I guess so many of you believed in me and what I was capable of creating and donated to give me the chance to see if I could pull it off.

Along the way of this epic creation, I've had the biggest highs of my life and also the biggest lows, and the lows have been VERY low for me. Financially the album has cost a lot more then expected.

Before I venture into this long overdue letter, please note, in TRP land, I act as all things; manager, agent, organising the band and all their flights, accom, travel, the songs, the concepts, the epic shows; you name it, I'll do it and I can't afford to see this fuck up, and I have to take responsibility for my band and all we do, and I do. Control Freak much? I have this very driven personality to get things right.

I've always, I think, taken people at face value and in the past I've trusted many people who have either shit in my face, left most things for me to get right after wasting my time constantly, rip me off financially, and the list goes on... Of course there is a balance to that and, for all my bad experiences, I've had even more uplifting ones and have been saved many times from the gorgeous people I have been lucky enough to surround myself with at certain times in my life. Seriously people, I must be one of the luckiest boys on the planet because I've had people lift me out of some awful situations and kept me running as fast as I can. So I don't regret my bad times, as they allow me to appreciate positive situations even more. In saying this I also know my determination and focus, and my expressionism in the visions I'm constantly trying to make a reality can also make working with me quite frustrating, especially if I feel it's not being done right.

So, back to the album - While the album was being created, I was trying to manage Australian shows and get USA plans underway, which wasn't helping my spirits in the studio and, I think, affecting my relationships with those I was working with. But I needed to keep the band active; I still had great ideas for shows, the fans were still coming to shows and, of course, whatever funds we could muster up from gigs went back into the project. I really wished I just slowed down and just concentrated more on the album, but I just couldn't stop.

So, as we were tracking the album, many people were coming into the studio to lay down tracks. Some were fantastic, some not so good, and in the end we had multiple amounts of tracks to play with and edit, and it allowed me to create the structures of the songs with unique colors I've never used before, which was fun. Until... after months and months of studio time and hearing things over and over again - and having to try work with either bad strings or what not, my head went to a place were I started to really hate my music and to try and mix it to get the best out of it was just impossible. Now problem is I never made time for melt down.. and, of course, the album was meant to be ready by a certain date but each date I locked in would mean different problems to face or that I just wasn't happy with the way the mixing was going -

I tried something new by taking the album to Canada after touring USA (now that tour is a 1000 page novel in itself), I found a great engineer and charming fellow to bring the tracks back to life. Was incredible for me to be in a new country with new company. New engineer and myself stuck into album doing (and I kid you not) 24 hr days of mixing, with no sleep. It was fucked up and crazy, I saw some weird things in my head during those long mixes. I really loved those days tho, cause they were so fresh and exciting and I thought the album was really starting to come to life again just how I wanted. Sadly tho, on this two week mixdown we were supposed to complete the entire 13 tracks but only ended up getting 4 done. That's because these song are just such massive files with so, so, so many tracks to play with. Then I put the CD with those 4 tracks in my player on the plane and it wasn't there, my vision was still some how lost, so close but something was still missing and I still had that constant anxiousness in my tummy.

I remember breaking down in tears of disappointment, not just for myself, but for every single person who had either donated or been involved in this project in anyway; in my eyes I was giving it my everything but was failing all of us.

Oh man, this was really hard to deal with, as I didn't know how to get these mixes right. Not just that, but who do I work with and how do I pay for it? So, after battles to get the final mixes of the entire CD, it finally arrived around 5 months late, but I'm still not happy with what I hear and the decision is made, only just 6 weeks ago, to bring the album back to Brisbane to re mix it again and try get the best of both worlds and finally lock in my vision for this album once and for all.

Right now we have 3 engineers working day and night to get it done by next week so we can go to mastering in LA before the end of FEB. Understand that all this has been going on for around 2 years now. And, since day one, I've been so restless to finish it and just get it out of my system. It's an awful feeling, and is extremely frustrating, knowing you are so close to completion then have to spend another 10k or more, and another 10k, and many weeks, or months, over again and again to get it right. Lucky for me, it's working this time. I can honestly say there are some incredible songs on this album that are my exact vision and I'm very excited to show you when it's all done and away with. I'm not sure that I will ever want to listen to this album again tho; it's just been too much of a roller coaster ride that I've been screaming to jump off, and they keep spinning me around and around; now it's time to puke.

Tonight was fun, tho - I brought Lionel the Opera Man into the studio to lay down one last track for the album and as always he kicked arse and gave his best performance and made the ending of the album very special. So, hopefully after reading this and then listening to this album when it finally comes out, people can hear that I've really, in a sense, bled and fought hard to make it a really amazing production and sound; it has my everything and I really don't have anything else I think I could have given this album, at this time. I don't think, actually I know, that I will NEVER in my lifetime record an album like this ever again, especially without a good manager to help organise things.

This album has really changed me in so many ways. I don't see music the same and it's definitely affected my creativity and love for writing songs. I only hope when the album is finally out, and I can let it go and not have to think about it every second of every day, that my soul will open up new doors and allow me to paint like I used to; and I'm sure it will. The fact that I'm writing again to you all is already a breakthrough.

The first single from the album has been tested on USA radio to a great response, and some exciting things have already locked in with a very exciting update for us being announced in the next few days...

Next up, The Music Videos?

The Sea Shepherd Benefit show has come to an end, now comes the time to fight the unwelcome monsters of the sea

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Photo above & below taken by the amazing Susan Weingartner

After weeks even months of preparation I think its safe to say we put together an incredible night for the captain and crew and one many of us will never forget. I know I won't as it was one of the most enjoyable concerts to be apart of – So amazing to play my songs in that environment and for such a worthy cause, so, so special for me.

Firstly thank you to our sponsor for the event “Individuum” who made it financially possible to hire the venue and publicise the show and spread the word far and wide.

A big thank you to all the acts that supported the cause and played amazing sets Paper & The Plane, Adam Pavitt & Bunna Lawrie were exceptional on the night. Big thank you to the Painters Lilly, Adam, Sundari & Jeff who painted Killer whale Human canvases (Hung upside down) & Jolly Roger Skull bodies. As always the human canvases were a pleasure to work with and played an important part to the stage show and wow they looked incredible painted up. After it was all over I was presented on stage after Captains Paul Watson's incredible speech on the war at sea, with what I've been told is a very rare and honourable medal that says “For courage & active service to protect life in the sea”. Wow, I so didn't expect it, plus I've never received such a significant sign of appreciation, especially from someone like Paul. I'm still in shock to be honest. The last 2 – 3 weeks I'd been working so hard on that show and spent a fair bit of time around the Sea Shepherd ship and getting to know the crew. I've fallen so in love with them, what they do and whom they fight for and I'd do this show all over again without hesitation if it meant it would help in some way. I also must thank the following people because without them there is no way this show would have been as creative.

Firstly Moogie, an incredibly creative soul that I am so lucky to know and have involved in this creation. I explained to her exactly what I wanted to do, see, why and what it was all about and away she went and created all those spectacular costumes and sets, she out does herself every time. Dallas also joined us on this adventure and took care of everyone's make-up and human canvas & crowd statue heads and tritons; she would have to be the most amazing makeup artist I've worked with also and was another pleasure to have onboard. One thing I'd like to point out is pretty much all the permant creators for this show minus the band are either vegetarian or vegan, no animal eating in their soul. Clint/Damian from Red Tape handled all the Visuals for me on the night. I pretty much gave him all the visuals for the show only a few days before show time and he did such a great job putting it all together, thanks to both of them. Our incredibly talented photographer & best friend Susan Weingartner who flew in from LA for the show and took some amazing photos which we will show you soon enough. Adele my new found friend who took care of all the art work for posters and press and worked the streets constantly street teaming posters. Massive thank you to the crew on the night that helped pull it all together while I was running around like a headless chicken, Maaike the road manager, Ed our engineer, Jack Spider my hot rodie, Zac on lights, Bruno & Kell on Merch, Barb & Sean for all their internet help and arranging Human Canvases, Lionel the Opera Man and his incredible voice in Mad World dressed as the captain, thankyou guys so much for helping out, it makes a huge difference on the night and I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out with these shows. I was told many people travelled from not only around Australia but also overseas to be at this show, that's so awesome, I hope it was worth your travels also. I also must thank those of you who helped spread the word through myspace, facebook and putting up posters or flyers around Brisbane, thank you so much.

I'd also like to apologize to those under 18 people who were not able to get in and be on stage with us. I tried to get you guys in but kept hitting brick walls each time. I don't see why it was a problem when you are a part of the show just as much as we are but sadly on this occasion is was out of my control and the venue manager was not going to budge at all. So sorry guys, hopefully we can make it up to you in the near future.

So the reason for this show was to send the captain and crew from Sea Shepherd off with a big good bye and a fun night they would remember throughout the campaign and to know there were people close by that care for them and wish them all the best on their next journey on saving the whales and what ever else falls on their path. We were able to raise 6k for them on the night and I know many others donated through the official website also which is great too see. I thank all those who donated to such a worthy cause. Know you're hard earned cash is going to help change the world In some way!

We have had quite a few people asking for us to record our Midnight Oil cover on the night “Beds are burning” or as I labelled it “Whales are dying”. We will and hopefully can release it before the year is out. I'm going to have the ships crew re-write all the lyrics.

Thankfully for the whales, for the planet, for ALL of us, this small extremely brave group of dedicated activists has stepped up, where our governments would not, and has risked their lives to save these magnificent beings for future generations and because it is the right thing to do.

Full steam ahead captain were here till the end!

The Sea Shepherd Boat “Steve Irwin” leaves on Sunday 30th Nov – Please come show your support and join us for its send off as it hits the big oceans and goes to battle hopefully once and for all!

The Colour Of Sound Is Sand!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

I'm pretty sure I know what that boy is thinking. I'm pretty sure I feel this painting. I'm going to write a new song it goes like this...

Siren Sirens descend from the sky
Sirens Sirens descend from the sky

I can't hear a thing - Invisible sound - Nothing has ever felt so thin

Cut yourself and eat a rope. You can't look into my eyes because you know that I see the same things too.
Siren Sirens descend from the sky
Sirens Sirens descend from the sky

I'm not after you - I've got better things to do, I thought you did too?
9 inch nails - obsessions - am I'm so lucky to have met you?

So now we are both drained let's hold hands and let's make it feel like this is bliss

Latin lovers eat their flesh for fun - The End - Roll on the Credits!

Bubbles, Mermaids, Emperors, The Ocean & Green Paint get your tickets now!

Friday, 29 February 2008

Time seems to be always changing us. Some of us are always trying to keep up. Some are ahead of their time and can sit back and relax and many of us live in the past. What does it all mean? Today I realized fate is a reality in my life and all crossings in the past being negative or majorly fucked up and disastrous happen for a reason, that reason is showing me something very positive. Eventually there is a time where you can close your eyes, feel yourself breathe and let your body and soul relax even for a moment, cause you know everything is going to be alright, somehow you're sure of it, everything is going to be alright. Or is it? As I write to you I can feel a storm brewing above.

Before I started recording “The Revolution Is Never Coming”, the morning I knew it was time to finally begin, I saw the color of my life shift from a strange yellow to a deep but shallow blue. I had no idea until that moment how it was effecting my emotional status and how attached I was to these elements in my life and that I'd been living in this one place for so long. Ever since that morning I've been writing songs in all different shades of blue. It's affected me tremendously.

Which brings me to our next tour “We belong in the Sea” now isn't that ironic.

This is the first song I wrote on the incredible sounding stand up old piano in my room, it came from me after my last seizure and broken jaw. Weird it took a such a tragic fall for me to be in a certain place to be able to reflect my inner thoughts and feelings and finally find organic belief and a sense of direction in that instrument. God I felt terrible through that time. Every time I hear that song now I cringe in pain. I remember reflecting not just on my own tragedy but also atrocities the world has had to deal with thru the thrashings from nature, tsunamis, earthquakes, Tornadoes all these unpredictable times that build from the heart of the ocean. That was the feeling to the artwork I believe I was for some reason creating.

So a new show, with new songs, new feelings with a new direction and energy. Right now I feel like I'm in a new band. Not because of the songs but I think because of the shift in energy between some band members and of course the possible future that is now sitting ahead of this circus. If you do love this band and live close to these Australian shows please don't miss them, they are going to be very special I give you my word.

Why a photo of a broken piano?

The last 12 months I have been that piano. These new shows are a reflection of those times... Bubbles, Mermaids, Emperors, The Ocean & Green Paint get your tickets now!

I have some very genuine, unselfish and just incredible souls surrounding the band and my life at the moment and feel truly blessed, thank you.


Tuesday, 08 January 2008

Through all the chaos in my life that keeps me awake and takes away my appetite, I've finally begun working on a fresh song and idea, a song that will take me until 2012 to complete.

I read a news item today that was titled “The Arctic Is Screaming”, how terribly fucking exciting, it spoke to me instantly. I came alive and was completely overwhelmed with creativity. My favorite moments in my personal creative life are these, when I see instant colors in something real that creates instant compositions in my soul. I could feel and visualize the instrumentals in the beginning but only a feeling with no color in the end of this song. I have no idea how the middle section will turn out or how it will eventually end but I know it will and I know when you hear it, it will be pure, organic and right. It feels so much like the way “Angel flummox” came to me and I missed the creative aspect of that song so much, Angel Flummox was by far the most personally influential and longest creation of my time to-date. I could only write the compositions after experiencing certain things in my life that related to the subject area, it took me 3 years to complete it, this may sound strange but I remember being so frustrated with it, I could never finish the ending nothing I played felt right, then one day I was in a really bad place sitting in my room alone when I thought I saw two angels or beings or energies whatever your religion chooses to call it, in my room and they gave me a sense of something real and I picked my guitar up instantly and wrote the end of the song and never changed it, to me it was perfect.

The most exciting thing for me about this new song/painting is the color of it, I already feel it and its created the opening string/bass and guitar sections so far, they are pure white and crystal blue, same color as the inside of an ice block but untainted from human waste or energy a really organic place. So far the first 2 mins of the song are composed and felt from the perspective of a polar bear who is watching ice caps melt around him and the devastation and shock that he feels within, on that idea alone I feel I could find the most incredible colors that Ive never been able to find before. (I'm not saying I'm any kind of incredible song writer, be warned this may be the worst song you have ever heard). As long as it's a real interpretation that I feel and see then it will be right for at least someone or something on this planet, I can only hope.

This song will contain compositions that come to me from reading and feeling the disasters and falling times of the environment we so freely and irresponsibly live in today, because of this I will only be able to create words and lyrics from sounds and feelings as the earth produces them and no sooner... I'm pretty sure it will be completed and ready for someone to hear on June 8th 2012. Music will be free then so I'll release it on Cassette for you all to listen to. Until then, life goes on...hey who knows maybe thinks will be fine and well all live happily ever after then I'll start writing bubble gum pop! Yay.

“Unless” you change your ways - Creating a metaphor in the eyes of a Doctor

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Painting Above created by Worth

This unique show will explain it all. Dont miss this one, I'm not putting anything like this on again nor will I be in the same place to be able to feel the same energy. The End! Unless? Well that says it all really. It will be an experience and a learning time for all of us. Orchestra, choir, massive props, bubbles, humungous goldfish the list goes on...

Why talk when everyone

Monday, 12 November 2007

So you're in a white room all painted and sterile, its not just any room, it's a room where escapism thru creations live on a regular basis. Let's call the room an “Art Gallery”, a place where people bring their creations of escapism or moments of their lives and hang on the walls for other carbon life forms to view, to judge, to score, to be confused, to give, to fall in love or just to feel. Month after month week after week year after year the paintings are taken down and re hung with a new artists interpretation of the world, in the back ground something so invisible and something so creative is happening that not one person could ever think to imagine. Each time the painting is hung the subconsciousness of the art work is left behind in the paint on the walls and time and time again it begins too build from the other works being hung through time.

After many years the gallery becomes disbandoned and no more paintings are hung again. Then in a place where time does not exist, these built up subconscious manifestations come alive, the paint starts to move, shapes of human bodies begin to push thru the white walls, a silent scream is made out of the solid white formations, after sometime the paint cracks and the bodies of these subconscious creations begin to seep thru the white walls falling one by one out of the wall, when they hit the bottom they collapse into dust piles and are never heard of again. What did I hear them scream you say?
Your not one of them!


Monday, 22 October 2007

A Journal, one to be placed on another site then mine, hmmmmm, let me think, what head space should I be in. Cough cough, where's my coffee..................................................

Emotionally this Album project has been extreme. It's my instinct as producer to take Trash's vision, wrap it up in an audible package and place it into the hands of the people. We have been working on it now for about 3 months, with only a couple weeks in between to rest the ears and play in sand pits. At this stage, tracking is almost complete. Left to go though are guest musicians/artists and their instruments, a large amount of editing and then, in separation, 2 weeks of mixing, with the concept of sticking to a single day per track. This time restriction will allow us to get back to the first intentions of each song. This will include bringing up the parts, which hold the naked truth, and smooth out the back tapestry of sounds, of which the flavor of the album will come from.

Throughout the project, speaking for myself, it's been full of highs and a few lows. The lows are mostly due to the largeness of the project and the undertaking of it as a solo engineer/producer. To be honest, this style of project would usually consist of a few tracking engineers, a separate producer and a separate mixing engineer. To flip between 2 minds all the time is comfortable when the energy is there, but confusing when the body is tired. The pro's of us doing it all ourselves, surrounded by many other performers and artists, is that the original vision will stay mostly intact, with a direct muscular energy.

Trash has had to go through a lot of new emotions I gather over this period. The usual quest is to get in and out of a studio, in a limited time, and not have the chance to breath. This time around, he's doing a lot of breathing. He's finding through this, many pro's and con's. Luckily, all con's have solutions. On the other side of things, he's not sleeping much, he eats sometimes, and he's always managing the band, sometimes till 6am in the morning. If not for his unique fans, their energy and direct participation with all things TRP, something I've never experienced in a band project before, things would be quite different.

This is a very unique project, something which I think I'll only find myself part of once. Recording with so many different characters in the project has added so many colors into the mix, but funny enough it's not turning gray. It's holding up and starting to sound like one of those Albums that you can listen to heaps of times, and for years to come.

The orchestra recording was something anyone with a more conservative mind would have tried to avoid. With a limited budget, we were able to get a space for free, players who donated their time for some food and petrol money, and the immense time and dedication from Ellen, who magnificently, scored up to 120 pages of material, for around 10 tracks, just in time. Dave did a fantastic job as conductor on the day, he was a man with plenty of hand. It's all a bit of a blur but its all working as well, nothing really has fucked up, it's quite astounding actually.

Since meeting the Red Paintings back when they were touring with Dresden Dolls in New York, and starting to work with them on the Feed the Wolf EP, which was fast in contrast, I've been making it my mission, like I usually do with producing projects, to become part of what they are. Taking on the role as Noah at rebellion marches, hanging out with fans, making friends and pissing some off, playing tennis with Trash, and most importantly, cleaning their kitchen over a 6hr heavy duty session (http://www.tidykid.com/kitchen_theredpaintings.htm) has all helped me to condition myself for the role as producer. Isn't that what Producers are meant to do? Sorry, I didn't read the book, oops.

Ow, to add to it all, the studio I'm working at with Trash, called Alchemix, is currently decorated with all things red paintings. We have had resident painters working in the studio, which has added a special element to the creative vibe.

In terms of my technique to pick up sound, I like to use my ears, instead of trusting gear. I don't really follow any rules, and don't mind when things are random and sound great for unexplained reasons. The album has a very real sound to it. When it comes to editing, most of the material is moved around without using a tempo grid. The big epic tracks, such as fall of Rome, Hong Kong and the Revolution is never coming, are quite play full in energy. They were tracked as a live take and then that energy was kept consistent as all the other parts were added on top. Ow, and the guitars, ow man the guitars, when will trash stop with his guitars, some tracks have 10 different guitar lines playing at the same time, it's really fucking with my head. But then the next day it sounds great, and I'm ok again, I've learnt something new.

Ryan was great on Bass, he brought a new feel to the songs, which really helped to tie the energy of the drums together with the other elements. He's a great tub of glue that guy. Thank you mate!

For drums, we had the chance to utilize Greg's large selection of snares and cymbals, continually changing sounds for each song. It's a sonar kit. I liked it, so did Andy. He's was in a zone like no other, I liked when he was tracking through some of the bigger epic tracks, with a grin on his face like he was going to hover in mid air and hit the drums with newly formed limbs.
Overall, things are looking great, it's incredible to think that this is all due to the generosity of the fans and their donations. Usually this type of Album would cost well over 100 grand, but we are sticking to a very healthy budget indeed. This hole process, the way certain events create new opportunities, the way the weather changes to suit certain songs, to be aware of all the small things, during the ongoing creation of something huge, is what will resonate to listeners. I know the media will love this Album, so much to write about, so little to be bored off. Let's see where this all takes us...peace.....waves...


Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Finally! After years and years of holding an idea in my head for our debut album. Today thanks to our beautiful fans, we can start recording it for real. It's been like watching a present under the tree and guessing for so long what may be underneath the wrapping paper (or behind the walls) and being so anxious to open it. Finally my xmas day has arrived and I awake at 5am and run down stairs...

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