Your chance to see TRP at a private celebrity party at Marilyn Monroe

Friday, 20 May 2011

TRP have been invited to play a celebrity private party at Marilyn Monroe's Mansion in Hollywood Hills this Saturday, 21st May and we are inviting 10 lucky fans from San Diego, Los Angeles or close too that area to attend the private party. Your name will be added to the guest list and you will be allowed to see the band play in a very cool setting with other guest  bands playing on the night and meet the band also. Yes, there will be free booze and food for you all night. Bound to be a pretty amazing once in a lifetime experience, so get in quick as we really only have 10 people we are allowed to add to the guest list! Oh, and there is a pool so bring your togs! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to attend.

Its Time to return to Wonderland.

Monday, 28 February 2011

It's been a few years now since we actually released something other then a single but somehow I have kept myself and the band so busy and its only just begun. So many ideas, so many stage ideas to build, so many new songs, so much energy I could burst from the seams. Nothing is the same, everything is different. Somehow ive kept being me, somehow ive kept the band alive. I'm not going to do anything the way I have done it before in the year 2011. Everything I do will be as epic as I can make and as real and heartfelt and as special as I can create it for you and for us, no corners wil be cut, a strive for excellence in everything that i do. Many of you will hate me for my ideas in 2011 and many of you will cherish what you see, feel and hear for the rest of your lives. This will be a TRP year like no other and I will never do anything like this again in my life - Tree Shows, Mark Ryden, Abductions, Small Theatres, USA art gallery installations and places we have never played before, a finalised album and a paint brush is just the beginning...I want to take you to a place you have never been before.

I now know what its like to lose a parent...once they are gone they are gone forever

Monday, 14 February 2011

At 5:30am this morning I received a call from my mum telling me she was getting calls from my step dads boss saying he was dead, I never want to hear my mother sound the way she did again, and I feel for anyone who has had to go through what we are going through and this is just day one. She thought or was hoping it was a prank. Sadly it wasn't. Kevin Vince 47 years old was on his motorbike (running late) on way to work in Geelong when a truck pulled out in front of him, he slammed the breaks and went into a pole and died instantly. I now know what its like to loose a parent, someone who loves you unconditionally and brought you up the best they could, his been a father to me since I was 3 years old. It's easily the most awful thing ive felt and I am feeling. I'm worried for my mother and brother dale most, I just wish I could turn back time and call him and tell him to slow down. There are many friends of mine throughout my life that know my family well and I know this will be a huge shock to them also. I'm flying to my family later tonight, tomorrow im seeing his body in Melbourne. I hope im strong enough to help them; our family has been through so much.

The Guitar of my dreams....

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I've been looking for this guitar since they were released in 1996. There were only a few made and still i have not found anything like it. Now i own one.

My new stage toys and friends for 2011 YHWH

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I would like to welcome my two new friends to the stage Black & White.

 YHWH, black and white edition, are vinyl figures created in conjunction with Necessaries Toy Foundation after the central figure in Mark's painting of the same name. The figures are cast in black and in white vinyl with inset, high-quality eyes, and come in an elaborately designed, gold-embossed box. Each figure is hand signed by Mark Ryden. Also included is a certificate of authenticity and a special, numbered mini print.

The black and white edition are only sold in pairs with matching numbers.

Edition Size: 100
Size: 16.5" x 9" x 1.75"
Box Size: 16" x 4" x 4"

We're Sorry! This item has sold out.

Are you looking to head to the Gulf to help with the Oil Spill clean up?

Wednesday, 08 September 2010

If anyone is looking to head to the Gulf to help with the Oil Spill clean up and is not sure who to contact to join a rescue team or needs further info I maybe able to help. I reached out to around 15 independent and council organized rescue teams for animal rescue and clean up along costal areas some time ago and was lucky enough be accepted into 5 of them, since then I've been receiving daily updates into group meetings, training days and general updates and latest videos on the disaster but it seemed up until recently its been hard to get onto the beaches or into the waters to actually get your hands dirty without being turned away, due to health and safety reasons and more. Now with the spill it seems caped im getting daily emails from teams looking for people to help in cleaning up certain beaches and other duties ASAP some offering quick training at a low or no cost and it seems in some cases BP is now endorsing these clean up teams and offering cash advances or reimbursements to get things rolling, I'm also finding there is super cheap accommodation being offered to volunteers and in some cases FREE food, travel and appropriate safety gear and tools needed on the job. So if you are thinking of going and you would like some leads please reach out to me as im compiling a list now of up and coming clean up events and people to reach out to that I can send you directly. Alternatively If you cant make it and would still like to support rescue and clean up efforts in some way I believe there are organizations needing cash donations to help support families out of work with food hampers and more and im sure they will be grateful for any help they can get... Oh and on another note, Gulf Coast animal shelters have grown overcrowded with the dogs and cats of out-of-work fishermen who can no longer afford to keep them, and nearly 200 have been euthanized in recent weeks. Read more HERE: This entire situation is worse then you could imagine and it seems to be showing its effect more and more each day. Now im going back to listen to John Lennon and wondering why such great men in our time end up with a bullet to the head! Good luck to you all, your going to need it :(

Greek shows are over...Come down time!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Its 6am, god its light outside, the Greek Mythology show was a trippy success, I think its safe to say our best show in LA yet (thanks to all those in audience who bravely drank my alien juice, enjoy the LSD), god I put so so much of my EVERYTHING into this show by the time I actually started playing it I could barley breath. I'm beginning to come down from the chaos, tho its not easy, im staring at the paintings created on stage as I write, fuck they are so good, shit its 6am suns coming up ARGHHHHH, Galeon and Michael, great stuff guys, I feel very luck to have had such talented painters, human canvases and musos on stage with me, Justin your human canvas painting was OUTA CONTROL just for the record you're not meant to paint the stage bro and no more drinks before you hit the stage hehe, Phil I want to take you around the planet with me as a resident painter, thanks to Chris (for working till wee hour's of the night to re make projections visuals, I love you), Jewels, Sarah and her amazing family, Patricia, Erika and her friend, Susan, Adele, Moogie, Ezza,Clint, Ryan, the band & miles (and anyone else i may have forgotten) for all helping me make this insane show a reality, im a lucky boy and couldn't have done it without your help, I will post the paintings soon after I catch up on some sleep, next up mission to oil spills that "shouldn't" be a reality check, then I just don't know, this city is...The band, Hmmm the band were awesome, nice to play with people that listen to me.

P.S i got my first Green Peace t shirt today, would you be offended if i wore it in public?

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! To celebrate can you help me save some oily animals?

Tuesday, 08 June 2010

I need your help to get to Louisiana to do just that. I've been living in L.A for 7 months now, working hard on the TRP album and live shows and trying to create some magic which I can tell you is not easy. One of our most important shows will be happening this Sat June 12 at Bar Sinister, Hollywood, this will be our last show as a full band for some time as I can't sit and watch this mess in the gulf from the oil spill any more. Oil has now been pouring into the ocean for 50 days non-stop. The animals, people, environment and lives affected by this atrocity are very hard for me to fathom and I know many of you feel the same and would also like to help if you could. Well I can, so time for me to get my hands dirty and help not only with animals washed ashore but also to help in cleaning up the oil spilling on the coastline. Sadly the band has swallowed most of my funds to survive in L.A so I am kindly asking for any cash donations that will help me survive, pay for travel, accommodation, food and of course protective gear while I'm at work on the coastline. I know that BP has been appearing on the beaches late at night and disposing of all the dead animals but I understand it's more a cover up and they don't want you to see just how bad things are. I will be taking a camcorder and I'm hoping to document all that I see and I will endeavor to upload it for you all. I will try and run a daily blog so you can read/see first hand just how bad things are NOW and are about to be. This is also an open invitation for anyone who would like to join me in the clean up; if you feel you have time and can afford to come then please contact me. If you are able to help I can take donations through our paypal account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Consider it a birthday present to help me save some innocent animals caught in this awful mess that I'm sure you all would want to rescue im sure its going to be heartbreaking. I would appreciate this much more than cards, cake, budweiser or battery-operated toys. Thanks kindly Trash Mcsweeney P.S Fuck You BP

So i hear you've stopped believing in aliens and ufos, why is that?

Sunday, 27 December 2009

I guess i was wrong, it wasnt a UFO it was a "weather ballon" or was it?

Nearing the end...

Monday, 21 September 2009


A page is finally turning in my life

Hello friends,

Today as I sat looking at the tree's in this gorgeous forest in Nashville, I came to the realization I've spent 10 years maybe more of my life for this one project, only one project boy oh boy I've taken some HUGE risks, I still can't believe the places I've gone to and the places its taken me, it's quite incredible to look back, I mean who would ever have thought I'd be in Nashville, TN country music central mixing this record after almost 3 years of crazy twists and turns. It's taken everything from me, we have been through many wars and battles, and we've lost a few but survived them all, well so far... I'm pretty sure I have physically, mentally, financially and anything that goes with that 100% sacrificed my all for this one project, I can't help but think that makes me insane, mental just plain stupid....but I also know that there is more I need to give, I'm so exhausted right now...

Last night we conquered a very very special, crazy and fucked up song. A song I have fought against and with to make right on this album, we lost the drums, we lost the strings hell this song even had original bass riff deleted...I ended up spending $4000 + us just trying to track all these things down ( sending burnt out hard drives for companies to repair all over the globe, hoping to locate the tracks) only to realize (I'm guessing through mistake, though I'm sure I will never really know) someone didn't save the session's properly or was just plain lazy who knows but they had deleted it forever which was been hard to come to terms with and to let it go. I can tell you I just spent ANOTHER x2 13 hr + days in this Nashville studio trying everything we had to make it sound the best it could and really capture my soul and struggle to make this record sound what it should be, and I am so (I have to say it sorry) “fucking” relieved to report it sounds like an insane, chaotic, beautiful song...just how I envisioned but maybe in some way even better “it is what it is”....

I'm still shaking my head, I just can't believe what people have put me through on this album, I'm sure most people would have said “fuk this” and found another career path or just left the artwork at that, but my metal persistence and just insane creative mind just won't give up, even when I'm screaming at myself to pack up and go home something keeps me in those studio chairs, something keeps the fire alive and makes me charge on..It baffles me. I've never had a manager, we have no producer no team really just myself and friends back home helping me get through, and get through we somehow really makes no sense how I've been able to get this far or just survive

Wow I've been in Nashville for 5 weeks; it was only suppose to be 5 days...

So this is where I'm at: I've now mixed 12 of the 13 songs, I really am very happy with those 12 they are as close to my vision as I'm going to get them, that means I'm very happy to let them out to the universe and can relax knowing I fought for them till the for last track, well this one's tricky as the album has reached the $150,000 mark, this is 110k over budget and to go and re mix this last song one more time will cost 3k max I believe....knowing me ill just re mix the bloody thing and get it right...

we sent it to the NIN mixer to have a crack but it seems to me anyway that he doesn't hear this song like I do and his mix ideas are very different to rest of album and my vision for what this last song should feel and sound like, considering I've come this far I may as well push on right? May as well get track 13 sounding as colorful as the rest...if anyone wants to donate any funds to me to survive id be incredible gracious to take it hehe this band is a money pit, when will it end... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. yeah I know I suck.

Today is a day off, tomorrow back in studio....

Oh I almost forgot...Some exciting news for Brisbane fans and the band I guess to as they haven't even heard the new album or seen the videos... (we are also looking into holding listening parties in cinema in L.A and Sydney more news shortly...)

We are going to have an official listening party for album either oct/nov, there will be limited tickets available for public and press, The party will be held in a cinema were you will be able to sit back and listen to the album in all its glory with crazy panning and effects and hopefully MIGHTY loud also (this album I think sounds best turned up very loud). I will be looking for 2 painters that I think can relate to this album and they will be painting from beginning to the end of the album, we will possibly have cameras on the painters and shoot the on the big screen in real time so you get the full blown big experience of my album and the painters interpretation of it, I love this idea as none of you including those painters will have any idea what u are about to listen to, so it will all be fresh and real....I'm also thinking of spending first 30mins of listening party to have a talk to all who attend and give everyone in sight into the journey of the album, the music videos and just all things I've been through in last 3 years...we may also let you see the 3 music videos we shot for the new album on the big screen, which would be fun indeed...
So there you go, I stuck with it and now you all will soon get to feel my time in your own time...

Not long to go now... thanks for your support

I really want to go to Roswell when this is all over...I need me some alien experiences.

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