Sometimes im not even sure if i exist.

Friday, 07 December 2012
Just played our 2nd show in a beautiful white snow covered Poland. Really love this place, people we have met both nights have been so caring to us and even tho tonight's show a hard show to play and fall into, the painters and the human canvases took control of this show and filled any emptiness with color. In all the shows I've played in this band I've never seen or felt anything like it. We were not going to post the art till next week but I couldn't resist. Quick pick in my hotel bathroom of the amazing painting created at the show in 45 mins. I was watching this painter the entire time create this and how he painted each brush stroke to each musical change and dynamic. Same with the human canvas painters. During the show they all walked up and hugged me as communist aliens, so unexpected, never had that happen before were the painters felt my energy so much so they came to me on stage to lift my energy. It's a beautiful band the red paintings in so many ways. Next we hit Czech republic I think it's been 28 shows we have played so far. Now I sleep and dream inside tonight's painting. Koodva!


Visions of war to the moon.

Sunday, 02 December 2012
So tonight we played in Slovakia. A city in which Hitler and his army killed more then 20,0000 Jews, more then any other city or town. So i gave them every inch of energy from my soul left and it seemed to have reflected well and safe to say we all had a blast. I think we made history tonight and i heard that from more people then i can count on both hands. A precious place, with precious history and tragedy. I feel honored to have played such a show and with that i send a balloon with a Chinese whisper into the sky of thoughts...Video HERE

Swinging for dear life.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012
A very sad day today. Early hrs of this morning I received an email that one of our most colourful fans Erin “Jack” Distance had taken her own life, leaving behind her 5 month old son Conor. She hung her self in a park in Brisbane. My life of late has been running a hundred miles an hr but this has stopped me in my tracks. Erin or as I would call her "Jack" had been supporting us for many years and I would see her at almost every show in QLD and often made the time to talk to her about life and her beliefs. I could see such a fragile soul but also a destructive one and it was truly amazing to me that she would say my songs were helping her through times in her life. She would always tell me the song Rain meant so much to her and I use to put it in the set just for her to feel. Right now I'm about to walk on a plane to London and play one of the biggest tours of my life. I feel obligated to stay and attend her funeral and be with you all especially as I know she didn't have that many people in her life.

I wish I could have hugged her just to say everything is going to be okay, just see what tomorrow will bring. Sadly those actions are too late. For those who know Erin and I know many in the TRP community do, please if you can send some love to Michelle pumpernickel as she was living with Jack and had the life changing job to identify her body. Those experiences take you to another dimension and I imagine she needs all the support she can get, even if she says otherwise. I know as I saw my parents body not too long ago. I'm so sorry guys. Will miss our little Justin Bieber heckler, she had a good, crazy soul and the most beautiful smile. Those of you who can make the funeral please pass on my thoughts while you are present and I’ll be playing Rain to you all from the UK. Know I'm in tears as I write this to you. Fragile souls indeed :( even more reason to smash this UK tour, we’ll be playing Rain for Jack every single night! Poor little baby Conor lost his Mumma :( how fucking terribly sad. In Australia there are more youth suicides then car crashes yet Brisbane council rejected a suicide prevention barrier proposal last month. Arseholes. You know what, here is the just finished version I created of Rain for the new album. Going to give you the option to donate whatever you feel like for this song and what we make over the next few weeks we will pass onto Erin's baby boy or to help with funeral costs. I know funerals are expensive and I'm sure her family will appreciate all the support they can get. Thanks to you all. Trash x


A broken record played too...

Sunday, 05 August 2012

Right up until 2mins ago I have been in involved in months of mastering for the new album - Some songs had 9 re masters and the 10 re-mixes before that - In the world of music making this is absurd, insane and crazy. The last song was 'Vampires are chasing me' and I just couldn't get the Vocal where I wanted it, so it felt like I was in your heart when you listened to me singing but now it's sitting just nicely oh and the Orchestra in this song now is just pumping and about fkn time!. After hearing it a million times (seriously a million) it finally fills my spirit. Anyway the good news is, it's done. You would think I would hate this album after all its tribulations and massive financial negatives but funny enough I'm actually enjoying it more now then I ever have. I mustn't be from this planet. I'm one of the lucky ones that were able to produce a pumping heart in audio and visual form. Now we wait for its release in the mean time I'm going to go play with my toys.

 MG 0261

Vegas pays back?

Thursday, 05 July 2012
So i now have my own Vegas story to brag about. After playing at the Royal House I went to the bar and a very pretty ''call girl'' or for another word professional love maker came up to me in front of everyone and said ''I will pay you $100 to sit at the foyer piano and play me a song''. Quickest $100 I've ever made, I even tried to give it back to her and she wouldn't take it. I thought in Vegas it was the boys dishing out all the cash for services, I guess not. Oh and we have been asked to play a very special Vegas wedding later in the year for two of our most awesome fans and dedicated fans (these guys are at all our shows). I'm thinking we should do it.

Las Vegas-20120703-01225

Perhaps my greatest achievement.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

With all the emails, posts and fans that have come up to me at shows, I've successfully worked out we have been able to convert through the awareness of our shows and forum debates more then 250 TRP fans to a vegetarian/vegan diet. I believe even more when I hear about how passionate these TRP fans are to educate their own family and friends to do the same even though some of them are ridiculed for their selfless actions. That my friends make’s me so proud and gives me all the inspiration that allows me to dig deeper to make this project a global success. We are a voice for the animals!

Faster lights

Saturday, 31 December 2011
2011 well I guess this is it for us as I'm sure we won’t see each other again. I do wish you the best of luck and hope you have been able to learn a lesson or two. Interesting, unpredictable, productive, ideas bigger then my bank account will ever be, agonizing, fulfilling, death, frustrating, loss, learning, mixing and mixing some more, cats, wipe-out, shows, re-connecting, creative, Mom's, unfinished, galleries, blue moon, Italy, enlightening, 1 inch tape, bear, green coats & Spanish dresses, bagels, female drummers kicking arse, double bunk, laser guns, jam after jam after jam, 5 years, star wars backpacks, the Roxy, ATR, Posies, my hatred for the music industry, my hatred for music, sleepless months, exhaustion, Blink-182, watching balloons fly away in L.A, Mark Ryden, KM, broken pedals, disappointment, musical, blue eyes, abductions, trees, Wilfred, long walks and talks with Miss Weingartner, paint, scripts, Disney Land, black paintings and a falling in love kind of a year, where I followed by instincts 90% of the time and well still deciding if that was the best move. I guess I finish this year in awe of how lucky I am to have the amazing people I do around me and how true it is that I couldn’t follow my epic dreams without them. I hope you have the most incredible year imaginable, See you next year, 12 months of awesome adventures ahead of us…TM


The Final Mix for a Revolution! or is it?

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday night here in Hollywood & 2night im hanging with my 2 new friends a butterfly named Elliot & my new hamster named Elliot which I received as a Birthday gift from my lovely friend & our live photographer Susan, YES I had a birthday and even a party thanks to my amazing friend and bass player miles (was the best party ive ever had for my birthday, I have really amazing & lovely friends in L.A, so much fun). I am gearing up and getting ready for a 25 day lock out in a recording studio in L.A come Weds, for what WILL HAVE TO BE the last mix on my insanely stupid record that ive almost committed artistic suicide on. This for some songs will be the 8th mix and will take this album to over 180k, almost 5 times over budget. God I hate to think about that, it makes me so depressed and frustrated, more pissed that our fans have had to wait this long, I'm sure actually I know many hate me for it, its nuts, then again the experiences I have had travelling the world and meeting the people I have met, I wouldn't give up for a sec, its only made the band and my vision larger and stronger just like the song walls, I've somehow turned a negative into a positive. I will make this work; I will someday give you my interpretation of the world just how I feel it.

I've been given just one more chance to prove myself, one more chance, thanks to some amazing friends back in OZ who still believe in me and are helping me finance what I hope will be the last leg of the recording of this revolution. Wish me luck, im going to need it, I have to make the best record I can, I just have too....I have the studio, the songs, the players, the engineer and the painters that I need, now for patience and concentration. What am I listening to these days? A lot of Radiohead and a lot of The Posies!

Playing in the Dark!

Saturday, 04 June 2011

Tonight we played In L.A at a warehouse party. I turned all the lights off and had 3 laser lights circling the room through smoke and dancing galaxy heads and pretty much played the entire set in the dark (damn we cant see our frets, i guess we better know the songs)... And that was the end of the Black Paintings tour...Thankyou All! Next i put all my energy back into the album!

Joshua Tree randomness / Vegas / Marylin Monroe and a bunch of cowboys!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

After our awesome time at Joshua Tree Amphitheatre yesterday, we rocked up at a pub in the middle of no where called Pappy and Harriet's. Turns out it was the set for John Wayne movies and the bar was like walking straight into an old western Hollywood set, AMAZING! These guys serve beer to you in glass Jam Jars and it taste so good! (Sadly we didn't have our photographer Susan on this night so we don't have pics only video from a by stander) They had open mic night and when they heard we were on tour and had stopped by, asked us to have the entire band close out the night. OMG was so much fun; they were loving the tunes and passing me free shots of tequila while we were playing which I happily accepted. We were all smiling our arses off the entire time. Sweetest local country folk. From that one accidental show we have now been offered to play the official Joshua Tree Music Festival and return to the venue for their annual backyard music festival held on one of the old sets and play at Joshua Saloon bar tonight for a Bob Dylan tribute night but when we arrived home around 5am this morning our drummer Bear fell out of the car and twisted hr ankle so no playing for next 24hrs, all will be fine though for Thurdays show.

This is a tour of fantastic detours and is doing so many amazing things for the band, very exciting for us all. Oh and Vegas was a blast, we have such amazing fans, so nice to meet U'all and thanks for coming to see us and paint, the paintings from the Vegas show were the best so far, was such a buzz for me to be watching each paint stroke from our resident painter Sarah! The venue has offered us to return for one of their music events so we will be back soon enough! Oh and Marilyn Monroe house party would have to be the weirdest show ive ever played, hard to explain in words. Next the biggest LA show to come, Bootleg Theatre this Thursday night! Then 7 show's across California in 6 days

P.S The Joshua Tree National Park at night with all the stars out is one of the most revitalizing experiences ive had this year. So nice to experience all this with such a cool and talented band...Bring on the next shows... Photo taken by Susan Weingartner.

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