The force can heal.

Sunday, 28 April 2013
So I ripped Yodas foot off during last nights show. Here we are backstage before our show in Kansas city in a deep healing session. I've been warned if I rip another limb off I'll be sent to the dark side. Thank god for cotton and thread.


Fan (atics)

Sunday, 28 April 2013
We are making a lot of new fans on this US tour. This lot were waiting at the back of the venue to say goodbye as we boarded the tour bus. Meeting so many incredible and kind people. MSI fans are fkn incredible peoples! TONIGHT! We play in the land of the Smashing Pumpkins. CHICAGO! All ages show at the House of Blues.


The beginning of the practical revolution!

Monday, 18 March 2013
One day writing a letter using a pencil or a piece of paper will be in the past. ''oh remember when..?'' Spell check, digital devices, word pad, kindle, escalators, microwaves, digital cameras, apps, ecards, self serve checkouts can you think of more? The beginning of the practical revolution! A new age begins....a new dimension perhaps?

208025 large

A metaphor to the album that stole my heart

Friday, 15 March 2013
After a long long long long day of meetings in sydney with our new label and marketing team in Australia, we have decided on a release date for oz. More intense then choosing a new pope, with so many factors to consider and finalise what was now a group decision but a respectful one on my behalf. Turned out at this stage its going to be released the day before my birthday with the first launch show in Byron bay.

9 peoples around a table in constant discussion and intense conversations about the albums strength from all possible angles and the reality of its presence in the market. In the first 3 hours i didn't notice one sec of silence. Most intense energy I've ever felt in a business meeting of any sort. I found it difficult to concentrate and take it all in. Usually I'm a power house in these situations but i think the difference this time being realities are setting in and for the first time it was my new industry team that were taking over and creating game plans to protect my art and ideas ive nurtured for so long and big decisions were needing to be made and were being decided right in front of me and of all the markets in the world even though we have worked Australia the most it scares the shiz out of me as i have had very little trust in it and have hated the idea of releasing it in oz before the rest of the world not because i don't appreciate our fans and their support but more so cause i think Australia is close minded as a music scene, could be wrong but that's just how I see it, maybe things will change, time will tell. I walked out feeling sick (surprised i didn't actually throw up) not because anything was bad but because I'm realising this one thing that I set out to achieve and took me on an incredible unexpected journey around the world more then once is going to be let free to have a life of its own.

I've spent what seems like a life time on this head fk album. If i never created another album again i would be okay with that. I've treated it like it was my own child and protected it to the best of my ability as I've seen what this music industry can do to passionate bands like us that put their all into their art, only to be mistreated or left behind to a rotting career and time spent feeling wasted. I refused to be taken down that path and have kept striving for a new one. I have been there before but got out as quick as I could before it killed me. I usually take the attitude now of trusting no one in this industry as I've been burnt what is feeling like so many times, learning experiences i guess and as they say" you cant buy experience" but I also can not hang onto this album forever due to my emotional connection and it's time to let go. If it fails, well at least I can safely say as a being that I gave it my all and never lost sight of what I promised I would deliver.

I think its a world class sounding album as grand in its sound as I could ever have hoped for. Im sure it will be hated immensely by some but loved by others and that's the joy of our subjective hearts. So it now feels like the next chapter in my musical journey is about to play out and i can see its going to get busier then ever before and after today even with this wrenching feeling of the real possibility of failure in my tummy as i always think of the negatives. I'm going to close my eyes and jump in the musical ocean. I liken my journey to that of the wizard of oz. This is the part were Doris found the city of oz and she's knocking on the door and the door finally opens and she throws up on the floor and now the wizard awaits for our presentation. Here is hoping it's all that its made out to be. In all I've done with the red paintings we have never released an album. Album virgins you might say and along time in the making. Time to eat noodles.


Its all subjective.

Sunday, 10 March 2013
Working away on our album release art work. The art work I chose to represent the albums songs and themes couldn't have been any more perfect. I sorted and thought up hundreds of images and ideas but I highly doubt there is another image in the universe that could take its place not only for its perfection but also for what it so quietly represents for the human race in the present and in the future. I think it's going to be the most exciting part of the release for me. Just being able to see such imagery around the globe as we tour relentlessly. But Remembering art is so subjective, what one may like another may hate but for me it's the most powerful art work created in our time that stumbled across my life so far. Was very lucky as the artist who painted the imagery (based in the USA) requested the album to listen too before making a decision and giving me permission to use it and after listening wrote to me to confirm he agreed it was made for one another and just so perfect. Win win!

nevermind by nirvana

A force to be reckoned with.

Monday, 11 February 2013
Remember James Cromwell actor from "Babe", "Green Mile" we'll his one brave soul busting open big corporations who are experimenting human products on cats and collecting criminal records for exposing it to the world. Personally I think it’s refreshing to see someone in such an Influential position prepared to put everything on the line for a helpless animal even as small as a "kitten".  Just like you they didn't ask to come into this world and just like you I'm sure they don't like living in a cage their entire existence having needles and more prodded into their bodies’ day in and day out. Very controversial subject and I'm sure we all have our own valid opinions but end of the day I think its wrong to test products on any animal and if products have to be tested then do it on a human being or the ceo of the company who in the end will in most cases be the only being using the tested product in the first place. We are talking hundreds of thousands of animals yearly in such experiments. Personally I think exploiting animals in such a way is one of humanities greatest floors. A conversation that obviously deserves hours of discussion not just a small post on our "fad" books. See the video HERE!


Thursday, 24 January 2013
One of those days where i keep getting amazing news for TRP. If all goes to plan it's going be a long dream come true this 2013/14 and we are going to see  a lot of the planet and more. Now I'm back on sleeping pills and UFO doco's. Need to force myself to turn off before I fade away. 3rd production meeting for our new music video shoot today, everything is coming together quickly. The moon being my metaphor. This clip will be my everything.


Officially a doll face.

Thursday, 24 January 2013
New mcsweeney trp dolls. Prototypes finished today by Dallas Friday. Beginning of a series of new Trp dolls, this being the "Feed the wolf" and "alien vs the virgin Mary" stage show doll. iS this weird? Hmmm


Phone home?

Saturday, 15 December 2012
Elliot 14 our new stage prop communist horse joins the trp circus. So long Elliot 13 the alien fetus...


The word to describe it would be 'numb'.

Monday, 10 December 2012
Lost in a snow ghost city and that was our show in vienna, Austria. Hmmm car graffiti. We are officially becoming a new age punk band or so these European fans keep telling me. Seems what ever we are doing Is working. Chest cold is kicking in only a week and a bit of shows to go now so must hold my body and vocal chords together. This tour has been a epic dream of twists and turns and unexpected surprises. Where do I evern begin? My only regret is not being able to slow down to eat the snowflakes. What will tomorrow bring us...

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