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Sunday, 01 September 2013
While we are on the subject of "Revolutions Never Coming" Let us ask the Question: What things in life do you think make a revolution a "real” one? We'll start with the subject of commodity, money. We think seeing a band create world wide success without spending one dime to do so, well that is hardly ever heard of. That is a revolution. Maybe that is the problem with the human world, you think you need something that you don't and you are blinded so much so that it stops you from moving forward. Countless times with this band we have been so poor but still determined and it’s pushed us to create even stronger and more meaningful art with ourselves and our fans with great results, meaningful results. Look at this new album and how it was created and the end product, it's a perfect example of what sacrifice can achieve. Maybe a revolution in all our lives is as simple as stepping back, slowing down and letting things (or the masses pass) till the right moment comes for you to get up and walk again without anyone standing in your way. Be the one to shout at the back of the pack instead of the front. The greatest response we have ever had at a TRP show was when we had our gear stolen in Chicago and Trash walked out on stage and after the first song went into "Walls" and as he sang the lyrics " in the world of negatives you'll find happiness" he broke into tears and couldn't go on and so the crowd felt that real moment more so then a musical note and the 1500 strong crowd erupted with support and energy and lifted Trash (a person they didn't personally know) and band to an incredible place and in return sold more cd's in one night without even finishing the set with no painters then sales on the entire US tour with the full TRP experience. Those moments of raw emotion your money can't really buy but its sad that they are becoming less frequent in our art and music and its holding back inspiration and the ultimate quest to start our own revolutions. We think its time for a new way of thinking...Not fuck the system, re build the system with recycled materials. That is our definition of a revolution, what's yours?


Inspiration is a beautiful thing

Sunday, 18 August 2013
In approx 3 weeks I begin a new journey inside a new idea as I'm jet setting across the globe with The Red Paintings. I've decided it's time for me to find new discoveries as I travel across the planet in the form of unique symbolism. My main mission will be to research, locate, touch, feel, close my eyes and dream in, write songs in, paint in and document Crop circles! I've found apps dedicated to this kind of research and updates on circles found on a daily basis which I'm sure will be a huge help, even if I only find one then that be a good start and that is just the beginning. First stop though will be my 2nd visit to Area 51 but this time I'll bring a camera crew. Anyone want me to send them a rock from the 51 site?


Do we kill people that loose their legs?

Saturday, 17 August 2013
Arrived back in Australia to get the news all our battery chickens we saved but one have now passed away. Mind you they have lived over a year longer then we were told they would. This last little lady is broken though. Her legs no longer support her weight and she can't move from one spot. We have to feed her and keep close eye on her through out the day. She is still eating and drinking as normal but shes lost a lot of weight. I was looking out our kitchen window at her tonight as the sun went down and I imagined how I would feel if my legs were no longer working and all my friends had died and I was out in the cold alone. Terrified be close to it. So I've put her in her carry box and she now sleeps next to my bed at night with food and drink in little containers. She is so calm. She barley makes a peep and sits there watching my every move. Considering the awful caged life her and her friends came from she hasn't had it to bad in the end. Great memories and stories in our big back yard running around in the sun and feeling free to look back on in her last moments. We are very close to a peaceful death.


Around the world, around the world.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013
Seems my 2nd home is the airport. Actually I'm not even sure what home is anymore. Like the world is becoming one big place were countries are like suburbs. About to take off on a 25 hr journey into the sky and begin working on our new stage show and all the rest. Hell of a life I've built around me. Miss you and goodbye for now London. Still my fav city in the world. I hate to leave it 


What am I trying to say?

Thursday, 08 August 2013
Finally this crazy music video is out across the globe today. This video was a real fucker to create. I'm so glad to see it go and I declare my angst against final-cut pro and the Red Cam software for the thousands of wasted hours of rending and problems we had to pull it together. This video was edited and re edited and colour graded so many times I could have had 3 lives during the process but my persistence for my exact vision wouldn't allow it a release until it was perfect in my eyes so we endured the virtual pain. A huge thank-you to all my incredibly talented friends who helped me pull this together and I know I couldn't have done it without them and I know I tested their patience to the max at one time or another which I apologise for and I am very grateful for their time and energy to help me pull this through, seriously amazing crew im lucky to have them – Clint Lewis (red tape pictures), Jarryd Hall, Adele Walker, Moogie Blyth, Dallas Ashton, Tom Graham, Mace Robertson, John Billington, Richard Bell, Yvette and Malcolm McKinnon, James Marshall, My brother Dale and anyone I may have missed out who helped in some way. This video however debuted and screened at The Roswell International Film Festival in Roswell, New Mexico. It couldn't have been a more perfect showcase with Roswell being the epicentre of the biggest alien and UFO conspiracy location of all time. I was actually lucky enough to be flown too Roswell for it and was able to visit one of my dream locations in the world, which is still to this day one of the most amazing adventures I have ever taken. The locals took me on a tour showing the exact locations were the alien bodies were taken from the crash site from 1947 for autopsies and much more. We are on our 2nd day of what is our first world wide release thru labels and marketing companies for what is officially the first single off the new album. This song 'Wasps' for some reason has been the track everyone has felt was the most "mainstream" next to ‘You’re not one of them’. Which I'm glad as it would be incredible to be known for a track like this rather then say "Mad-World". I created this entire song in the studio on my own. I don't even think the band had even heard Wasps till after it was recorded. I created the drums and percussions on a groove-box 505 and cut up live drum tracks from studio sessions from the album, guitar sounds from an endless supply of effect pedals and tracked and played all the instruments myself. All the strings though are a 35 piece I arranged and then we recorded back in Brisbane live with the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra. The track isn't doing to bad for its first 24hrs with plays already on major US mainstream alternative stations all over the country. MTV and MTVu both premièring and playing the music video and promoting it across USA TV, UK and EU have started adding the video to their alternative magazines media sites, Australia Triple J saying they are really liking this track so will be interesting to see if its added over the next week and music sites adding it to their mail-outs and the list goes on. All this leading into the album “The revolution is never coming” being released world wide on vinyl/CD and more from Oct 1 and us going out on the "Wasps" world tour with a NEW stage show designed around government alien conspiracies and much more. Taking us back to the sci-fi 50's and a very new TRP look and energy. We are about to work harder then we have ever before. But today is a day off, we go to the London tower for some history lessons, eat curry and chips and get ready to play Rebellion festival UK ( for dates) before flying back to AU to build stage props, begin shooting our next music video 'Hong Kong' and then back to USA for a nation wide radio promotion campaign leading into a 5 week pretty epic USA tour from Las Vegas taking us all the way back to New York (dates announced next week) (oh we are also playing in Nashville at the exit inn, excited!) and beyond to 5 days off then a Sold Out theatre tour all over UK, Russia and EU with 'Mindless self indulgence' taking us to xmas then back to USA for US radio events where we will be playing with larger bands then taking a few days off over New Years were I will hopefully retreat to a cabin in the snow in New York then Jan hits we start a tour all over the globe AU/NZ/USA/UK/EU/Japan/China/Canada/Iceland and who ever else will have us. Then there is launching the album into space…Better start eating 3 meals a day I guess.



Tuesday, 06 August 2013
I wonder why people look at us strange. Hollywood brings it out of you I guess :/


Siamese dream

Saturday, 03 August 2013
About to hit the stage in Chicago playing the double door when I notice tis show poster of awesomeness in our band room from 1995. This venue has some serious history.


The end of the longest chapter in the book.

Thursday, 23 May 2013
Tomorrow i hold for the first time the hard copy of the final pressing, art work and all of the album 'The revolution is never coming'. Every press outlet in Australia has it in their possession except me, fuckers, just joking. Pre orders begin in AU only this Friday. This will be the day that i turn over the last page of the biggest adventure and chapter of my life to-date. Listening to the album now for the first time in 2 months and out of the 8 mixes and 10 mastering sessions and 5 long sleepless years to make this beast it is still the only mix that calms my soul which means I'm still convinced i nailed my vision and the production for my first ever album. Thank fuck!



Wednesday, 22 May 2013
Fudge me what a journey. 12 hr flight from London with American Airlines to L.A (I hate that airline). 6 hr lay over, only to arrive to find out my friend misplaced my US car keys which was full of my gear to take back to OZ, so stuck at the airport for way to long then 12hr flight to AU. I think all up 29hrs travel time. I couldn’t get one wink of sleep, can’t knock myself out on planes anymore. Then arrive today to a full day media frenzy on the new album. Basically from 9am till 3:30pm it goes 30 min interview, hang up onto the next one and onto the next one. I don’t feel human today. Oh and Holy Molly just been informed Zoo Magazine has been the first major publication to review our new album ahead of Rolling Stone on June 3rd giving it 10/10 flawless and a pretty damn awesome review, not a bad start for an album that people thought was never coming.

zooreview copy

Self indulgent band love and more...

Saturday, 04 May 2013
Our crazy arse tour across the US with Mindless Self Indulgence is sadly coming to a close. One of those tours I just wish would never end. Surprisingly both bands MSI and TRP have bonded much closer then I expected. A little man love last night with MSI guitarist Steve, Righ? and my alien foetus and I. Hmm anyone would think we be a married couple. Disturbing. Maybe we have been on the road a little to long.

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