Smash your head against the wall

Saturday, 08 March 2014
To the journalist who wrote this. Thanks for the respect and a 20 sec hug. It's certainly been a crazy battle to keep TRP alive whilst building the Vision across the globe. It consumes my everything and more. It wouldn't exist if it didn't. You have no idea how hard it is and can be but yes we are slowly building our "red" brick road. Thanks to you! "This sums it up - The Red Paintings are one of the few bands whose musical growth can be seen quite evidently over the years and their opportunities are increasing in juxtaposition. If they keep moving on this trend, it will not be long before they are known to more than the dark subculture following. They are enjoying success overseas and it would be a testament to the culture of Australia if that recognition finally happened in their homeland." Photo sums up how it feels most times.

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Friday, 28 February 2014
Tonight we play in one of the most hippest cities in the world, Koln, Germany. "Fuck rock this is fashion"! Found my favorite book store in the universe. Taschen makes books to cater for everyone one of my alter egos.

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The land before time...

Thursday, 27 February 2014
For the second alien conspiracy stage show from the conspiracy trilogy tours, I'm taking us back to ancient egypt were it all began...

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That is when the world will end. WAKE UP!

Thursday, 20 February 2014
Step one: With so much love around the world for 'Madworld', thinking about putting together a #Donnie Darko stage show and one off tour. A very dark TRP eye candy event like no other. I'd want to, have to, take you to another dimension. Would you travel and pay to see that? Been wanting to start production on the idea for sometime but have been so busy with album and single tours and releases that it's not even left my headspace. If we do it, it has to kick major arse and represent Donnie Darko in a very unique way. If anyone attended our Dr Suess Xmas shows then take that to the next level. What do you think? Good or bad idea? T.Mcsweeney.

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Taking care of me.

Sunday, 26 January 2014
With my R2D2 Star Wars back pack leaving me to a new home, I felt a little lonely. So time to venture into the forest to find a new touring companion. Meet my new friend 'Elliot' traveling all the way from Iceland. Can't wait see what we get up to on the next tour. — at Reykjavik

The Revolution Is Never Coming

Sunday, 12 January 2014
Music has lost it's integrity for your protection...

therevolutionisnevercomig giesha-alien

A New Home?

Sunday, 29 December 2013
Didn't take long to find a new home, the United Kingdom it is. The album and the band seem to have struck a genuine chord in the UK and Europe from the new album to live show reviews, show offers in the new and old year to major festival and huge promoter offers in the new year. Going onto our 4th tour here in a little over a year. We did it with a very small label and PR company, it was the album and the live show that opened its own doors with very minimal if not any industry help, as very few industry folk believed in me and my musical and visual concepts and ideas. We've a long way to go but it's been an unexpected success for a little Aussie band and its killer fan base so far.

Review from our show this month at KOKO, London. Shows are so unpredictable in this band but for myself this London show was easily the best show for TRP in 2013 at what is for me the greatest city in the world. We played one of London's greatest venues which was a dream come true for Alix and I to a full house of people and somehow I was able to have them all sit on their butts mid show just by telling them the French did it for us last week.

"An Australian band, the Red Paintings were touring off the back of their debut album which amazingly has taken five years to make, such is the intricate and dedicated way lead singer Trash McSweeney has approached it. If the attention to detail in the album was noticeable, then the live set blew you apart. This was no ordinary show. It was a spectacle - A theatrical performance of epic proportions compared to what we usually see on the gig stage. This was something else. They take to the road again next year I am reliably informed, taking in venues across Britain. Be warned. Do not miss this. It is “Orchestral Art Rock” in all sorts of Cosmic dimensions...

...Working their way through the debut album 'Your Revolution is Never Coming' Trash and the rest of the band were surrounded by objects. On both sides of the heaving stage there were big white humanoid creatures being feverishly body painted by reversed-faced blacked-out little people. There were Oriental ladies playing violins, and little green men holding even littler green pickled men in jam jars and giant white ants with Chinese symbols painted on them. The stage was as frenetic as the crowd the Red Paintings were performing to. KOKO was loving it. I made my way up to the top once I had done in the pit, because I thought it would be a little less berserk up there but I was so wrong. They were going mental up there too. There was no respite. And it was great..."

Read full review HERE.


Merry Christmas

Wednesday, 25 December 2013
Having a very merry Xmas with my lovely in London today. Santa was pretty damn awesome to me this year so I must have been a good trash. NO animals were killed for our xmas dinner, yay. Happy Jesus day right back at ya. Now for dessert. Alien foetus coming right up!

trash xmas 2013

The Meat Show!

Thursday, 07 November 2013
The joy of living in Hollywood and random adventures. Last week hanging with Paris Hilton and Sean Penn at Seth McFarlane’s (family guy creator) house party. This week star struck hanging with the one and only Mark Ryden (add the most amazing and influential artist in my books in my time) at his wife's art exhibit. Yep I'm star struck. Many of The Red Paintings songs were created by analysing his paintings. He is a very gentle man. Oh Mindless Self Indulgence, ‘Jimmy Urine’ and ‘Lyn Z’ have arrived too. Pre tour party it is!

mark trashss

The drug you think you're on.

Sunday, 20 October 2013
Last night we rocked out with placebo in LA. It was an extremely moving concert. Like shedding a skin or an energy of sorts. Not to many bands break me but by mid set I was broken into tears. Watching a sold out room of like minded people having what was like a spiritual experience. I needed to feel this more then I realised. The band, the ride, the pressure of late has me so wound up I forgot how music could cleanse the soul and its ability to pull you through it's own kind of therapy session. The band was really on fire! Brian Moloko had this new charisma about him. So focused and in a zone, you could see they cared so much again to put on such a powerful show and I would say it was present in all the room. The rest of night till 7am was of the same power and delight. Thanks placebo and those who I know love me for who I am and for helping me step into this new time. On and into the unknown future...

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