Sunday, 14 December 2014
Life - I've walked through yet another dimension. It is with a broken heart & soul that I received news today my sweet and precious little sister passed away from a freak accident. I love her so damn much, we all do. I would replace her life for mine in a heart beat. Having to hear and feel my other sisters, brother and parents pain over this epic tragedy over the phone, I can't put the feeling into words. Having to be on tour in the US and not be around my family in such a dreadful time is devastating to say the least. I had to walk on stage tonight to a packed house in Minneapolis with my brain consumed by anger and confusion as to why such a young soul had to be taken from my family and I. It was the hardest show I've ever played, especially Mad-world tonight as I know how much she loved that song, it broke me into a million pieces. Thanks to those who sang with me and for my family, it was truly touching. We have 4 shows left of this tour that I have to get through as it's just to financially complicated to leave such a tour and then also have to book all new flights to get home. Stupid band survives show by show. So sick of us struggling and fighting and all the industry bullshit, lack of "experienced" representation, having to prove ourselves over and over again, it's just bullshit. I don't want to be here anymore, I don't know what to do, how to feel. I hate not being able to fix this. I imagine this is going to destroy my family and I for a long time. Life is more fragile then you think, cherish it. My sister leaves behind my 4 month old niece 'Zoe'. We are one of those families now. Tonight we hit Chicago, Cleveland, Pontiac then this mammoth tour is finished in Toronto. My brain is falling out. I've had 2 hrs sleep in past 24hrs, it's 5am now and we leave in 4 hrs for the drive to Chicago. My mind will not shutdown. I need to find a way to reverse time. ‪#‎madworld‬ ‪#‎madworid‬#madworld

SeaWorld has left the earth for our protection.

Saturday, 16 August 2014
Personally that would be a headline I would love to read. To keep hearing the news that sea world is crippling under social pressure and persistence of animal rights groups to bring their cruel, unfair and unethical ways into the spotlight makes me happy to eat my own words "The revolution is NEVER coming". Nope it is coming ever so so slowly because that is one huge revolutionary achievement. "People lead, leaders follow". I've always believed that. These huge commodity animal park business adventures will fight hard though and not go down quietly but the good war seems to have certainly begun. If we can't fight to set free the animals in entertainment parks of today then we fight for the ones captured for greedy business men to exploit for decades to come. Visualise a day when all these incredible sea animals dolphins, seals, whales are set free into the ocean. Oh but hang on the ocean is starting to fill if not already with all our toxic plastic poison non dissolvable waste. Sooo are they even better off?? Dear human race, could we as a 7.2 billion race stop being so incredibly ignorant and start using our brains to think about the consequences of all living things from all environments from now and for generations to come? Is it really that hard? Trash McSweeney

ARTICLE: SeaWorld Entertainment may soon run short on oxygen

The Experience of a Stage Painter

Friday, 27 June 2014

I walked into the party like I was walking onto a yacht....oh wait...well, that is what you feel like when you are wearing a full-body lycra suit. As the suit zipped up over my face and the strange black tree mask was fitted into place, I was feeling pretty spesh.

My most recent show with the Red Paintings was supporting Gary Numan at the HiFi Bar in Melbourne. It was a packed house stacked with Numan fans and we were the whacky art rockers chosen to warm the cockles of their thousand or so hearts for forty five minutes. By song four, everyone including the security guards were facing the stage and applauding and the crowd were officially... nuts for it. Whenever I hit the stage with TRP my mind expands a little. I try to empty the cache of thoughts from my brain and allow the music and energy of the band and the audience to guide my performance. It becomes a mad interplay of artist, musicians and viewers. Trash seeks a purity in his expression and had found the band that can help him achieve that. I try to give him a live painter that reacts in real-time to the words, rhythms and moods of the musical pieces.

I don't paint inbetween songs and whatever I have to do to the canvas to make it feel the song, I will do. Sometimes the damn canvas needs a good shake or a loving gentle caress. Other times it needs a strange object to scrape over its surface at varying speeds. On the night in question it needed me to hold the paint brush at waist height and spin with contact made only once every three hundred and sixty degree turn. It is indeed a mad world. I did not have many strange objects with me this time, so throwing miniature eggplants at the audience was a given. I had already creeped them out walking like a Neanderthal through the pit and knuckle dragging during the first song. As the set passed the halfway point I grabbed a new canvas that I had prepared red earlier that day. Somehow after more than ten years painting with 'The Red Paintings', I had never thought to paint on an actual red painting...go figure. The red background was a rich fire station red colour and it allowed me to splash with reckless abandon and I did not have to work too hard for full coverage.

The band hit a huge snowball moment toward the end of the set and everything was well in the zone. The words were spilling out of Trash's mouth and onto the canvas, as the lyrics instantly became symbols. A cityscape morphed into candles on a birthday cake. Then I rotated the canvas ninety degrees and painted on like the wind. I had a lamp that I was fiddling with and pointed it over at the audience to show them that they were adding a big lift to proceedings. And then it went through the roof. My lycra suit and instincts kicked into overdrive, as I moshed across the stage. Somehow I found myself swimming across the fold back wedges as the band decimated the last song. As the crowd roared and my ears rung I knew we had given them our best show, and some people had some lovely little eggplants to take home.

- Ademski Pavirotti (long-time Bavarian stage painter for The Red Paintings)

adam painting

A Gift

Sunday, 04 May 2014
4am in the morning & Mark Ryden decides to take me for an adventure deep into his backyard (geez that sounds a little sexual) to a cute little rundown shack under all these overgrown trees. Pitch black, following the man in his pastel pink suit and I'm thinking his going to kidnap me and chop me up for one of his next art project ideas but instead lights on and he presents me with 3 gifts and a hug. That being a collection of his recently released vinyl toys in these incredible gold embossed boxes. #heartflutters. Why should I be so lucky? Mark and his family are being so trusting of me it's remarkable. Just the most warm hearted family. Quite fascinating to be sitting inside their tight circle and seeing how supportive they all are of each other and how talented they are also. Inspiring to say the least. We return and he plays my song "vampires is chasing me" over the speakers in his backyard his sister yelling "turn it down I can't hear myself talk" perfect. Look for these little beauties on stage on my amp during our UK tour this week. Now I have to fly to London. Feeling an energy like never before.

mark ryden gift

After Party

Sunday, 04 May 2014
I'm at Mark Rydens little after party in his own home & art studio having my mind blown. Really such a lovely and caring soul. His house is like the greatest theme park, toy store imaginable. Disney land eat your heart out. Feeling right at home here in the company of Marks talented and very sweet artistic family and friends. This photo is taken in his studio space in his backyard where he creates his dream world. Life is bliss in Trash McSweeney world tonight. Pinching myself, yep this is real. I want to create our next album inside this energy. It's infectious

mark ryden house 1

Mark Ryden's The Gay 90's Exhibit

Saturday, 03 May 2014
Last night I had the privilege to be guest listed for L.A artists Mark Ryden’s VIP opening at the Kohn Gallery in Hollywood. With people like Leonardo Dicaprio, the band Tool, Kurt’s lovely daughter France's Bean (who now has a copy of The Revolution Is Never Coming fingers crossed she doesn't hate it) and many more creative souls showing up to celebrate marks incredible life and paintings from old and new. It was one of the most inspiring nights for me, seeing such huge celebrity’s mingling and speaking so highly of Mark, sharing their personal experience with him and the inspiration behind the art and then of course meeting the man himself and his super talented wife 'Marion Peck'.

Though I would have to say the best part was at the end of the night when most people had left I walked around the gallery falling into each painting and story of art, having my own personal time with all these HUGE (as you can see in my pic with The Creatrix) original oil paintings. It was like a comedown from the crazy music world I deal with day after day and remembering why I keep TRP alive in the first place. "Capturing times that fit the moment". True escapism. I've always said Mark Ryden to me is like the Leonardo Divinci of the 21st century so it was truly an honour to not only feel the energy of the man’s works but also meet him and his lovely wife and the Ryden family for what I'm sure was a very special night in both their lives and those who were lucky enough to attend.

The Exhibit opens today to the general public: I shall be in attendance for most of the day so please come say hi if you attend. "The Gay Nineties" Public opening: Sat, May 3 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm. KOHN Gallery 1227 North Highland Ave. Los Angeles. Don't miss it! - Trash McSweeney

Mark Ryden Website

mark ryden art exhibit v2

A new kind of dream awaits me

Thursday, 01 May 2014

One of my dreams in life has been to attend an official Mark Ryden exhibit in all it's eye candy glory and tomorrow at his new Hollywood art gallery I will be able to finally say mission accomplished. LA friends please come hang out, you don't want to miss this one. It's going to be spectacular! Sooooo excited. 

"The Gay Nineties" Public opening: Sat, May 3 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm.  
KOHN Gallery 1227 North Highland Ave. Los Angeles. 

Take a sneak peek into this art gallery video short and you'll see what I mean. God knows I love this mans mind so much.

Vote #1 TRASH!

Monday, 28 April 2014
Anyone out there back me if I ran for prime minister of Australia? President of America? I'm sure I'd be hated on closure of zoo's, animal circuses, animal testing, abolish plastic from the nation, McDonald's, KFC etc id turn into a vegan/vegi fast food restaurant ( making sure the mock animal products still taste the same, introduce Vegi grill world wide and I'd turn AU music industry and art culture upside down putting "real" artists back into the spotlight oh and of course uncover all those Alien and UFO conspiracies for you all. That's just in week one. Sound okay? Any other suggestions or things you would like to see changed in the political world you live in to add to the campaign? our moto will be  "people lead, leaders follow". campaign art by Sammy Hold

image copy copy copy copy copy copy

Bawk Bawk...

Saturday, 26 April 2014
Meet our 6 new girls. Rescued from a barn yard this morning that were caging thousands apoun thousands of them with no sunlight. Now about to live the rest of their lives with us in paradise. This is their first time feeling grass. They will never be caged again or slaughtered for consumption. First breakfast watermelon and seeds.

Revolting on a concrete jungle.

Saturday, 26 April 2014
i shall be appearing on buildings in your city soon. Stencil art by joshgrahamholt - Josh's creation has us thinking. If we had TRP stencils to download would you decorate?

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