Friday, 02 December 2016
The panic attacks are setting in. I talk but the sound is static. I'm starting to twitch. I am in the zone. Falling down a dark, dark rabbit hole. Hitting the sides as I'm plummeting through a bottomless tunnel. The dirt is rustic red. My brain is running ahead of my heart. My energy bends time or is time bending me?. The ideas are pouring outside my body like a rushing volcano. My blood cells are having Seizures. My after studio sleeps are on set in a twilight zone. There is no deep sleeping here. I fit inside the walls to another dimension. You wanted a new TRP album yea? Well this ones going to be a manic, multi dimensional musical roller coaster ride. Loosing my mind tracking some aggressive guitar tones and playing the songs like its a world on fire. I hope we get through this. The finish line to the grandiose vision is still far blogs from inside the studio making guitars scream are being released today at painting by Salvador Dali for Alice in Wonderland! - Trash McSweeney #Newdirt #TIME


Its all subjective

Thursday, 24 November 2016
Sitting back in awe reflecting at 3am in the morning on our epic session recording orchestra and this entire 2nd album experience to date. It's been far from smooth sailing. Tonight though just Amazing how much we achieved in such a demanding session. With time, money and more against us and no help from ANY so called "industry" people we set out to achieve again what bands like MUSE and Radiohead would with their comfortable budgets and comfort knowing thousands if not millions of people are eagerly waiting to purchase and embrace their work with arena tours and festivals waiting for them to confirm. Here we are pushing ourselves to create the same level production art but being under even the underground scene. This band shouldn't even exist. But we do, because you care and I/we care too focus more on the quality, integrity and substance of the art and music then anything else. Sometimes that's enough to move mountains. I highly doubt we will ever be given our chance at the big time arena spotlights or festivals that give a chance for a band like us to break. It disheartens me the real lack of support we receive but at least I have the ability to channel it back into the music and create a band based on reality. Our fanbase maybe small around the globe but it's precious, supportive and it's super kind and I know we are lucky to have you in our corner. My vision for this album is bigger then anything before me. I've heard countless times now "it's so or too ambitious". Well yea it is, and? What do I do just quit then? Where would the world be without us crazy, outrageous, over the top, anxious Personalities? I'd hope to think it's these kinds of people and their sacrifices that make the world a color full place. Night night and thanks for watching, I still have a long way to's like we reached the top of the mountain but now we have to find a way to get down the other side. No one here holding our hands.

Back story of the sculpture pictured. The artist is Hobbes Vincent.


My hardest Vocals to-date...

Friday, 04 November 2016
The new album vocal recording begins. I'm so nervous. To convey the feeling and messages across through my voice is not as easy as you might think. I've surrounded the vocal booth with the energy of slaughter house animal paintings by the one and only Sue Coe. Its going to be intense. Video blogs of these sessions going up for you all to see at


What color are you?

Thursday, 29 September 2016
Hello Friends, We write to you from America. A country that feels like a circus. There were a few people that really went far and beyond to keep myself and this band out of the dark. We are VERY greatfull for their help and selfless support. You all know my musical struggles and that I was ready to let it all go but you revived my heart and motivation and kick started the dream for album two. We are now full steam ahead. No turning back, no quitting. A lot of pressure though. So much planning, programming and analysing that goes into making such a diverse instrumental and vocal album and being totally 100% on my/our own adds so many more obstacles. I think of everything all the time, my mind never stops. While it's great being able to see and feel the entire vision, it's also a burden when you want to shut down, sleep, rejuvenate or just do something different and relax. It completely consumes me. I struggle to meditate, my mind is too busy. A rocket ship shooting through space at light speed. I guess at the end of the day at least you can be assured your investing in an album, band, artist that completely gives their all and is connected to making the best possible art from all levels. Art that has substance and comes from an organic place. Even if it burns them out. I certainly prioritise this album over even my own life. Spent many a night sleeping in my car to save a $ and to keep us afloat. I'll try to give you as much insight behind the scenes as we can. We don't have extra hands around us so it's hard sometimes to keep the video record button on. Only really Alix and myself to film but we are making a huge effort to film through out the day's events. We are tying to average a short insightful video release everyday so you can feel, see and hear what it's like being the canvas in a TRP world. Most of these videos and updates will be exclusive to those that pre order the album or purchase items through our pledge store. I have some grandiose visions ahead of us and some highly respected artist playing a part in the months ahead.

Again from the bottom of my soul thank you for your support financial or otherwise. While its early days and I hate to jinx it, I am confident this album will be an art work like no other I've created before it and a true extension of 'The Revolution Is Never Coming'. Keep the support alive! We have a long way to go and I can't do this without you. My brain and heart was fried from the last album. Trying to find my feet in the chaos. I am rejuvenating. - Trash McSweeney

Support us, pre order and keep up to date at -…/theredpaintings/updates/74752


A new name for cancer 'Human Being'

Saturday, 31 October 2015
WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY! In the last 48hrs hunters across the USA have been encouraged and ARE shooting to kill Black bears conservatively "for population control" in FLORIDA. 290 plus bears have been reported slaughtered and killed so far, some being pregnant females and their Cubs left in the forest to defend for themselves.

In what way is it conservative to ignore the right to life of those unborn babies and their mother?

"More than 175,000 people reached out to the commission in opposition to the hunt. About 250 people indicated support of the hunt. These 250 supporters of the cruel hunt primarily consisted of trophy hunters and weapon and gun interest groups.

On June 24th, 2015 the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission approved a state wide hunt October 24-30th to kill Florida’s black bears despite overwhelming opposition from Floridians. The cost is only $100 for Florida residents and $300 for out-of-state residents.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commission has stated that the goal is to kill 320 bears statewide, but no measures have been put in place to oversee the number of bears that are killed. We could actually see more than 20% of the total black bear population killed in October. The same weapons allowed for deer hunting will be used for bear hunting. Weapons include rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, pistols, longbows, compound bows, re-curve bows, and crossbows.

However, if the state were truly serious about being conservative, it would wait until it knows exactly how large (or small) the bear population really is. The FWC will not know this until 2016, when the results of a state-wide survey will be tabulated."

Personally I'm bias as I try to live an animal cruel free life so in any given situation I'll be on the animals side. That's just me . I admit I am certainly far from perfect and I'm sure have my own long list of contradictions. I try not to hold my own beliefs against anyone but I do sing about it in my songs and create these messages in our stage shows. I don't eat animals and haven't for many years. It's my own mini form of activism. Not for my own health but because I PERSONALLY think it's wrong to take any animals life being sea or land creature just to consume their flesh for personal taste or diet especially when more then ever there are so many simple and healthy alternative options. The worst is consuming most flesh foods you buy from your local supermarket. I know first hand how badly treated (due to keeping up with the EPIC ordering demand of over populated countries) majority of these animals are in farm houses and the fear they hold before being slaughtered, it's pure heart break for me. I despise the idea of associating my life (if it can be helped) with such torture. So knowing right now people are going and killing families of bears and then not even recycling the animals meat, I think its a crime, unjust and without the facts these animals are even truly effecting the well being of other humans, well it's just ludicrous to think it's a law abiding act and people are being encouraged to do so. Taking into account that we the humans have confiscated "82% of the Florida Black bear’s original habitat by clearing land for commercial and residential buildings". Trash McSweeney

Want to help or collect more info and see updates by the hour? Maybe even voice your own opinions ! Then
Go to this site and educate yourself and your friends and spread the word.

Post from the diary of one of the locals reporting the days events.

"Today and yesterday have been the most heart-wrenching days of my life. I have watched our beautiful black bears brought lifeless to the weigh stations one after another. I have watched many dead lactating mothers come in and know that their cubs are waiting in vain in the woods for their return. I have seen the face of hunters grinning with pride over the lifeless bear bodies. The atmosphere here is nothing short of a slaughter, and the innocent bears are the victims...


Stop The Florida Bear Hunt

On a never ending journey.

Sunday, 29 March 2015
Around the age of 18 I had my first true heart break. As painful as it seemed I would never have dreamed that what felt like such a negative time would set the course of my life experiences and focus to come.
My first love she was and I would have been happy to settle and give her my entire world and future but it came to an ugly end when she very passionately kissed another boy and I just happened to walk into the room at that very right moment. Heart broken, destroyed, losing the ambition and will to take another breath, those weeks after were trying ones to say the least. I felt like I had no one and nothing to release my feelings to and that’s when it all changed.
Rewind about 6 months. My mum had been saving my high school allowance without telling me and brought me an electric guitar to help plant some new direction in my life. In Australia when your family is not doing so well on the financial front, the government offers finically stricken families a small allowance to help with buying their children’s educational needs, clothes that sort of thing. My mum had decided to save it up to buy me a cheap guitar. On receiving it though, I was actually quite disheartened as i had no interest in playing another musical instrument (played tenor saxophone for quite a few years in high school). So it sat in my room until I sold it to a friend for $90. Later feeling a guilty conscious from my mums good deed so I brought another which ended up sitting in my room collecting dust. I had no passion, inspiration or drive to learn how to play.
Then not long after in the midst of dealing with this epic life lesson and heartbreak, I remember so clearly staring at the walls one day feeling like a shell and looking at the guitar, picking it up and playing it. The words/lyrics all came out of me like a freak storm through the city. My first song called “Needing You”. In a matter of an hour id expressed all my feelings into 4 mins and it felt exhilarating. Best way to describe it was shedding a new skin, growing wings, blinding light filling my room and flying off into a new world. In that moment I found my best friend, my therapist and a whole new way to communicate the never ending whys and questions and answers of my world.
I had never been happier with life.
I started a band called “Tantrum’ within a month of having this epiphany and the songs flowed out of me. It was like someone had turned on the creative tap in my soul. I spent more time scribbling down lyrics, idea and notes then sleeping, eating and socialising. It disturbed my studies at school but then also made my creative life stronger as I would pour all my experiences and teaching in art school that I connected to into my songs and creative ideas.
Not much time passes and I’ve out grown my home town and start moving to big cities in Australia to learn more about the human race, the planet we rent and the universe we wish to adventure inside. I began quickly growing out of even my own musical ideas and I felt like something between the lines of everything id experienced to date was missing, like there was a black hole in my creative life.
Then it all changed again…
I start messing with the wrong substances, I stop eating but I’m more creative as ever. I feel like my own creative mind is feeding my body and soul. Not the case and valuable lesson I never seem to learn. You have to eat REAL food, staying up for 3 days creating songs and an idea does not keep your body alive. Then due to malnutrition I have two violent seizures
The first one is 5am in the morning after a night out with friends doing crazy things. My last vision of that time was someone handing me a bong and me shaking my head to say no as my eyes turned to the back of my head and I woke up in a hospital. That scared my mum so much so that she drove 18hrs to come collect me and bring me back home and nurse me back to good health.
The 2nd was in a supermarket and that was the game changer. Long story kind of short. I looked at the mincemeat in the deli section and then next thing I knew my eyes were trying to run to the back of my head. I recall the feeling of falling super-fast down a dark, rustic red tunnel. I woke in an ambulance with the nurse asking me to tell him my name, address. I was looking inside my mind but there was nothing their, like a black void. A re boot perhaps? As moments later blurred objects started to float to the surface of my mind until I could finally make out the blurred objects were words and my memory was coming back. Then I heard the sound of music and my entire head filled with colour. It was intimidating to say the least but ever since that day when hearing music I could clearly visualise it as colour inside my head, light to dark shadings as songs changed pitch, notes and more. Fast forward a week or two and I lock myself in my room at home and start to put together a concept, an idea for a project called ‘The Red Paintings’. Songs composed by looking at art works from artists I admire and connect to and finding chords and compositions that reflect the colours I see in my head as I’m searching through the chords. L.A artist ‘Mark Ryden’ is my biggest influence as his paintings connect instantly In the writing process. Bjork is a huge influence as her music is a wild spectrum of color especially her string arrangements. It’s clear I must have strings as a dominant force in the bands live shows and recordings and their must be people expressing the music in real time. Straight away I purchase a violin and look for a violin teacher to guide my musical knowledge as I would need to be able to play a violin to write the songs string parts.
After months of lessons the teacher becomes so enthralled by my vision and drive to communicate the art of TRP that he offers to join the bands live set up and I lock in TRP’s first violinist. At the time I was working in a supermarket and had heard about one of my very quiet co- workers being a great drummer. I sold him my idea and he joined the band. The bass player had to be female, I needed to have that gentle touch in the band and searched adverts in local music press to find the perfect bass player, which I did and she instantly become one of my best friends, the two of us were inseparable.
My friend who owned the local music store wanted to share in my enthusiasm and started offering me the stores gear to try out new sounds. That was a huge help in fine tuning the bands sound. Word spread quickly in our small town about this exciting new creative project and I was approached by two lads whom were into sampling and sequencing which was perfect in building the landscapes of the music and stage show. So we had it, a 6 piece orchestral art rock act ready and determined to take on the world.
Time to play live…
I entered The Red Paintings in local battle of the band comps. Dressing us up in costumes and having my friends paint live. It was always about the live painting for me. Capturing the way I composed the songs and transforming them live on stage in almost the opposite way.
Then began my hardest times I would ever experience then and up to this very day. Trying to keep the band happy, finance to stay alive, building industry team we could trust, staying valid and the constant battle to keep us on the road and building, building, building…
Its been trying most times, heartbreaking, life changing and more but I have no regrets so far
Since that seizure I’ve toured The Red Paintings across the world  5 times, recently releasing the album of my dreams and entire existence, which was a journey all of its own. Played with some of the world’s most incredible musicians and the stage artists with live painting and human canvases, wow over  900 incredible paintings created on stage with us in real time. As I write this im sitting in my Australian house looking at a collection from over the years, oh the memories…
There are a million little subtle experiences that define what it means to be a musician or artist. It's not the guitar chords, or the number of albums sold. I think it's knowing that you are one of a small percentage of the population to not only have seen, but to have lived behind the curtain that makes this whole crazy thing worth while. But perhaps even more importantly than all of that, it's YOU, the listener, that makes all of it matter.
I look forward to many more sometimes hard, sometimes ugly, always worth while
experiences along this musical journey. Here's to hopping that you are part of that
If you'd like to hear the most recent milestone of that journey, click hear to listen to my
most recent album, 'The Revolution Is Never Coming'.
Thank you for being a listener and for making it all matter.


Our future looks bright...

Sunday, 29 March 2015
10,000 Dead Sea Lions Wash Up In California, Officials Announce... Read HERE


The Great Flood...

Thursday, 12 March 2015
In typical TRP style we finished off our world tour last night with a wet bang in Brisbane, Australia. The sprinkler in our dressing room set off drowning everything and more from our gear, iPhones, new costumes ruined, human canvas heads destroyed, possessions in the room all drenched and then flooding the stage area just as 65daysofstatic were about to kick off. Fire alarms, fire engines and a complete evacuation meant '65' had to call off the show for safety reasons, which was a huge shame. 

On a side note it was a great AU return for us all and so great to see so many familiar faces. Now UK and USA new tours being announced. In the meantime we close shop to rejuvenate and rebuild new ideas. See you shortly...


Black Ice.

Monday, 02 March 2015
Dear American TRP fans/friends,

Little post for you and those across the globe that have been involved in our recent tour.

Days are flying so fast and I've not felt paused in my mind without feeling like I'm running a hundred miles an hr to just sit and reflect on all the experiences and incredible people we just met on the Jan/Feb US tour (and Nov/Dec US tour) and how much support and help we received from fans, friends, promoters, venues and more to soldier on and not give in, pack up and go home.

I might just be as insanely persistent as they come at times but you saved us, you really did. Definitely felt like I've been through hell and back In the past 3 months. There are so SOOOO many people we would ALL like to thank that I think it would be unfair to list names incase I accidentally forgot some one. It was a brutal tour at times and I must add coming from Australia I've never experienced such crazy FREEZING temperatures, snow blizzards and icy roads like we did on this run. Some of those drives I thought we were set on sliding off and being found upside down on some iced up windy road. Lucky for us we made it back safe. Only 2 shows that we couldn't get too being Boston and Denver which again apologies for cancelling but the snow got the better of us. We have however rebooked and announced new shows for you HERE. 

A special thank you to these wonderful 4 people ( the band and only crew member) who all stood by me and 100% supported me from the start to the end on this Jan/Feb run and whom I couldn't have done this journey without and I add also made the experience so worth while and so much fun. Alix Kol, Hiroshi Kamoshita, Ginny Ceck, and Chelsea Brunson. Was lucky to have them all on my side and I can't wait to share the stage with them again. Also important to thank Eli Parker from A Team bookings who put his life on hold to help us book a whole new tour in a few days after hearing the news we had been shafted by a Portland agent and not sure how to move fwd, he really is the one who kick started this tour back into gear. In other news for USA we are now being booked by a new agent "Phil Barrett' from atomic agency in NY and we are happy to announce we will be returning for our biggest headline city tour to-date of the US kicking off May 12 - July 3rd. If you would like to see us come to your town and have ideas for a show ( this includes anime and comic cons) please email phil at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or PM us on FB. We will be hitting Portland, Seattle, Chicago and many more cities from our previous tours with the Dresden Dolls/ Amanda Palmer, Mindless Self Indulgence, The Birthday Massacre and you will know us by the trail of dead. I'm In Australia now with our talented costume designer/prodigy 'Moogie' and fine tuning a whole new stage show, look and feel. A new TRP is coming your way.... We can't wait to see you again. We can't wait to see what you will paint next on stage with us...

P.S Been asked a few times what my favourite show on this tour was and I would have to say the San Diego show from start to finish was my most memorable of the tour. Can't explain why but it just held an energy and "Fuk this" attitude that was hard to reach again. Like I personally shed my own "demons" at that show. My live shows are my form of therapy. You'd be surprised how much it takes out of you when you have to pull in the extra jobs like tour managing all things and driving day by day. I hate how much focus it can take away from a show. I do miss the days when we could take on an engineer and rest of the crew. Oh well, all in time... Trash McSweeney

Attached painting created at our last show on the 'We are on our own' tour in Nebraska by the talented and amazing person that is Chelsea Brunson. One of my favourites on the tour. You can now view all the amazing stage art, including human canvas art in our cyber art section HERE



Sunday, 14 December 2014
Life - I've walked through yet another dimension. It is with a broken heart & soul that I received news today my sweet and precious little sister passed away from a freak accident. I love her so damn much, we all do. I would replace her life for mine in a heart beat. Having to hear and feel my other sisters, brother and parents pain over this epic tragedy over the phone, I can't put the feeling into words. Having to be on tour in the US and not be around my family in such a dreadful time is devastating to say the least. I had to walk on stage tonight to a packed house in Minneapolis with my brain consumed by anger and confusion as to why such a young soul had to be taken from my family and I. It was the hardest show I've ever played, especially Mad-world tonight as I know how much she loved that song, it broke me into a million pieces. Thanks to those who sang with me and for my family, it was truly touching. We have 4 shows left of this tour that I have to get through as it's just to financially complicated to leave such a tour and then also have to book all new flights to get home. Stupid band survives show by show. So sick of us struggling and fighting and all the industry bullshit, lack of "experienced" representation, having to prove ourselves over and over again, it's just bullshit. I don't want to be here anymore, I don't know what to do, how to feel. I hate not being able to fix this. I imagine this is going to destroy my family and I for a long time. Life is more fragile then you think, cherish it. My sister leaves behind my 4 month old niece 'Zoe'. We are one of those families now. Tonight we hit Chicago, Cleveland, Pontiac then this mammoth tour is finished in Toronto. My brain is falling out. I've had 2 hrs sleep in past 24hrs, it's 5am now and we leave in 4 hrs for the drive to Chicago. My mind will not shutdown. I need to find a way to reverse time. ‪#‎madworld‬ ‪#‎madworid‬#madworld
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