Ademski Pavirotti

Ademski Pavirotti. Where to begin with Ademski. A painter from Paris,he has been a close friend of mine for many years - he even saved my life at one time for which I'm very grateful. At the band's very first show in Geelong, Ademski was the first person to paint and capture The Red Paintings' energy in color. Back then we used butchers paper or cardboard from the local supermarket or dumpsters to paint on because we couldn't afford canvas. For me, those paintings were the most important and capture such a different energy. I remember one incredible painting that Ademski created at our first Melbourne show, at the Arthouse. It is one of my favourites. It showed skyscrapers of the city and silhouettes of the band and the colors were just awe inspiring. It was just a hint of what was to come for us. I always believed it was a painting of our future. Occasionally, Ademski still paints for us at shows in Victoria, Australia. He is always such a colorful person with so much energy. If he's not spontaneously wrapping himself in plastic or throwing toy vegetables into the crowd, you’ll find him throwing paint, vodka and scrabble pieces onto canvases... whatever he feels is right at the time will become part of his art. This man has no fear. I recall a festival we played in Geelong where Ademski rounded up children and had them paint pictures of their faces and whatever inspired them on the road surface and pieces of cardboard. In the end the art read, in large bold letters, "No War”. It was a beautiful moment indeed. Such an honest free spirit is this boy and I always miss him dearly. A great friend, artist and songwriter.

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