Resident Painters

When an artist really connects with TRP they may be selected to paint at ten or more shows to build up a series of works. Some artists have stayed on the road as a resident painter for as long as 6 months, painting during tours and festivals across the world. A resident painter's progression throughout a tour is exciting to witness so please take a look below to share their journey and see what story they tell.

Scroll down and click the thumbnails to view each profile and see their works created on stage at TRP shows.

We are always on the lookout for NEW painters so should you wish to be considered, email and submit 3 of your artworks to showcase your talents.

Mace Robertson

A painter from New Zealand. Mace paints for the band on and off when the band tours Australia. As well as painting on stage Mace has also helped with art direction/props for theme shows and being a part of many of the band’s music videos. We found Mace after falling in love with his paintings that were exhibited at CBD Art Gallery in Brisbane, such a creative soul and always up for a new adventure it was a perfect fit for band and painter. We felt very lucky to have found Mace and together both painter and band joined a very creative partnership throwing creative energy back and forth show after show. Below are selected artworks created during tours, shows, festivals and other TRP events.

Adele Walker

Adele joined the band and became resident painter and art co-ordinator beginning with the USA 'Futureless' tour and Australian 'Black Paintings' tour. As well as painting awesome works on stage, Adele works closely with Trash to create all of TRP's graphic art and design as seen in touring posters, band t-shirts, album & vinyl artwork, photo-manipulations and online graphics. Adele and Trash found each other on a particular black ship when it was docked in Brisbane. The two hit it off straight away, sharing the same taste in music, art and animal rights beliefs. The same breed of people you could say. Very fortunate to have Adele as part of TRP’s crew, together both artist and band have joined in an amazing creative friendship.

Sundari Mitchell

A painter from the Brisbane, Australia. Resident painter from 2007 - 2009. Sundari painted the 'We Belong In The Sea' Australian and USA tours. Sundari was locked in as the main painter in the studio with the band during the making of the album "The Revolution Is Never Coming", working on a series of works in the studio over 3 months, capturing the energy of the music daily. She also painted, over an 8hr period, at the Brisbane Conservatorium while the band recorded the Philharmonic Orchestra for the new album. We felt very lucky to have found her and together both painter and band joined a very creative partnership.

Kitty Horton

A painter from the Gold Coast, Australia. Resident painter for a large part of 2004 - 2005. Kitty painted at many shows including onstage at the Big Day Out, The Virgin Mary vs The Alien Tour, helped with art direction/props for theme shows, The Tim Burton Xmas Party #1, Alice In Wonderland Show, The Andy Warhol Show, and also created the original artwork that appears on the "Walls" EP. We found Kitty after she painted a very unique picture of a cat at one of our shows at The Zoo, Brisbane. Kitty became an icon of the bands stage shows with fans not only coming to see the band but also excited to see what Kitty would be painting next.

Neil Barbosa

A painter from San Francisco, USA. Neil paints at random shows during the bands USA tours. Neil makes a living from traveling around America and stage painting to bands across the nation. A man with a wild energy! Very lucky to have found him and together both painter and band joined a very creative partnership throwing creative energy back and forth show after show.

Lu Jane

A painter from North Queensland, Australia. Resident painter for a large part of 2005 - 2006. Lu Jane painted at many TRP shows including onstage at the Great Escape Festival & tours around Australia. We spotted Lu at many of our early shows and she had a real love for the painting aspect of the band and become good friends with another of our resident painters Kitty Horton. Lu had never painted on canvas before meeting us, so this was an entirely new experience for her and we are so glad she took the artistic jump with TRP.

Ademski Pavirotti

Ademski Pavirotti. Where to begin with Ademski. A painter from Paris,he has been a close friend of mine for many years - he even saved my life at one time for which I'm very grateful. At the band's very first show in Geelong, Ademski was the first person to paint and capture The Red Paintings' energy in color. Back then we used butchers paper or cardboard from the local supermarket or dumpsters to paint on because we couldn't afford canvas. For me, those paintings were the most important and capture such a different energy. I remember one incredible painting that Ademski created at our first Melbourne show, at the Arthouse. It is one of my favourites. It showed skyscrapers of the city and silhouettes of the band and the colors were just awe inspiring. It was just a hint of what was to come for us. I always believed it was a painting of our future. Occasionally, Ademski still paints for us at shows in Victoria, Australia. He is always such a colorful person with so much energy. If he's not spontaneously wrapping himself in plastic or throwing toy vegetables into the crowd, you’ll find him throwing paint, vodka and scrabble pieces onto canvases... whatever he feels is right at the time will become part of his art. This man has no fear. I recall a festival we played in Geelong where Ademski rounded up children and had them paint pictures of their faces and whatever inspired them on the road surface and pieces of cardboard. In the end the art read, in large bold letters, "No War”. It was a beautiful moment indeed. Such an honest free spirit is this boy and I always miss him dearly. A great friend, artist and songwriter.

Mina Alucard

A painter from the Gold Coast, Australia. Resident painter from 2006 - 2008, Mina mostly painted at shows with the band around Brisbane/Gold Coast but she is widely known for creating the original artwork that appears on the "Feed The Wolf" EP. We found Mina through her Brother Sean who was offering his body as a Human Canvas for a handful of shows, he introduced us to his very talented sister who started to paint with the band. We would often find Mina sketching TRP symbolism during sound checks of our shows, she spent a lot of time painting her brother's body for us also.


An artist from Brisbane, Australia. Resident painter on and off from 2005 - 2010. As well as painting on stage with the band, Moogie has joined tours taking care of and organising painters and supplies for each show. Moogie also makes many of the bands stage props and most of the costumes and human canvas masks. She was a part of the 9 foot robot making working bees, the Animal Rebellion tour and creating sets for music videos and secret shows. A strong creative member of the TRP team, Moogie works tirelessly with Trash on new stage and costume ideas.

Jesse Breckon

A painter from Brisbane, Australia. Jesse joined TRP on stage during the earlier tours around Queensland as well as main stage on the BDO Festival in 2005. Jesse was known for his violent artistic creations often swallowing paint and forcing himself to vomit it up onto the canvas during the show.  He would also use a lot of mix media to create his works. Many of Jesse's works were sold on site directly after shows.

David Hooper

A painter from Brisbane, Australia. Resident painter from 2006 – 2007 during the 'Animal Rebellion' tour. Dave allowed TRP and their fans to build all the 'Animal Rebellion' heads, Noah's Ark and stage show at his gallery. When we ventured into the 'Dr Seuss' spectacular Dave once again opened his doors for us and helped us create and hold working bees to build the entire show. Dave is one of the biggest supporters of young and upcoming artists, helping them get their ideas and works out there for all to see. We are extremely honoured to have him as part of the crew.


A painter from Los Angeles, USA. Resident painter during 2009. Cece was firstly a fan of TRP, finding the band through The Dresden Dolls. Shortly after our first headline USA tour she met with the band at a show in LA. We all had such a great time meeting her and her family and before we knew it she was on stage painting with Trash for his solo shows in Los Angeles when he returned to reside in Hollywood.

Sarah Powers

A young painter from Los Angeles, USA. Resident painter during our 2011 USA 'Black Paintings' tours.

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