2017: TRP, the first band to launch their NEW album into Space with this innovation!

Friday, 01 February 2019
TRP to launch giant balloons (designed to look like the head of a geisha, one of TRPs trademark images) into outer space from 13 locations around the world during their world tour in 2019. As well as celebrating the launch of their upcoming album, the events are to help raise awareness for animal rights and the current state of the environment.  Proceeds from each launch will be donated to local animal shelters.

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Tuesday, 01 January 2019
As many of you may know The Red Paintings are a #newdirt musical project that seek to involve all aspects of art and media through their live performances. With audiences from all over the world participating as painters and human canvases, The Red Paintings strive to build a community in which people feel free to express and liberate themselves. Through touring and releasing new material, the act are desperately trying to make ends meet to ensure that they do not suffer the same fate as many of their contemporaries.
On 30th March 2016, an organisation called TIME held The Red Paintings for ransom in a secure facility at an undisclosed location. The band was released this summer thanks to pledgers who raised over 100% of the ransom through PledgeMusic to create their new album!
It is their intention to bring you an album even more epic and ambitious than the first. Needless to say, this is no easy feat and you should not underestimate the challenge of this journey.


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The Red Children get involved!!!

Friday, 16 November 2018
Activism and community are one of the major reasons why The Red Paintings exist.  
The Red Paintings fan base all around the globe are a strong community of individuals that are like minded and active in their own activist circles. 
They called themsleves "THE RED CHILDREN" and discuss all kinds of world topics as well as the subjects on the band through their self built social media TRP forums.

Look at this incredible artwork created by one of our very own Red Children!!! "Alix the Riveter" and "Uncle Trash"...

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Being female in the music industry...

Thursday, 08 November 2018
Alix (TRP violinist) discusses the obstacles of being female in the music industry

"Aside from our frontman Trash McSweeney, (although he may wear a dress on stage), The Red Paintings has a fierce all female line-up and we take what we do very seriously.  It frustrates me that I even have to state "all female line-up" because we should be defined by what we do and the music we make - not by our gender however this is an issue that society is still trying to iron out.  I've lost count of the number of times we've walked off stage and been told "wow, you girls really know how to play" which, on one hand is nice to hear, but on the other can come across like a backhanded compliment.  "Why sound so surprised?" I often ask myself... women can rock out just as hard as men.  We work just as hard and apply ourselves just as much as everyone else who is trying to establish themselves in this industry.  Unfortunately, sexism within the music world is still a problem and we're battling the effects of this even today but just because we operate in a male dominated industry does not mean we have to be pigeoned holed or made to feel inferior in any way.  Being a violinist in "popular music" especially - short black skirts, heels, makeup and miming often come with the job description.  If some players want to pursue this route that's fine but I've made it my mission to redefine certain connotations about the instrument as well as the person/people playing it.  I strive for projects and opportunities that are creatively involved and challenging.  TRP wants to show the world, in particular younger women out there who are coming into their own, that you really can pack a punch and be taken seriously.  I hope that the strong female presence in The Red Paintings inspires young women to go out there and wow the world with their skills.  Girl power all the way..."
Alix Kol (violinist for The Red Paintings)



Thursday, 13 September 2018
The Red Paintings have toured the world many times and no two shows are the same.  With every new tour the band strives to bring you something new, intricate and innovative with important underlying messages that strongly relate to current times.  These shows come together because of the incredible work carried out by the TRP team and fan volunteers who work alongside the band using recycled materials to create each TRP costume, prop and set.  Thank you to all those who have helped us make these amazing stage shows over the years!!!

Click here to see a glimpse: http://www.theredpaintings.com/trinc/photos/theme-shows

Sample of 2018 World Tour Stage Show



Wednesday, 03 January 2018
At each TRP show you will witness live stage art being created by fans, artists, resident painters and even the odd celebrity guest.  Each artwork is a means of expression and each human canvas has volunteered their bodies to liberate themselves as another form of expression. With no prior preparation, the works created are a true manifestation of the artist's psyche at the time the work was painted... a fragment of time that fits the moment.  

It is truly special to see both painters and human canvases express themselves and for many it is their first experience doing so.  After taking part in a Red Paintings live show, the feedback from these individuals over the years has been overwhelmingly moving and extremely positive for those who have taken part. The positive impact these experiences have on everyone whether they are on stage or in the audience is something unforgettable and it allows people to come out of their shell and discover a confidence and creativity that they didn't know they capable of.

The band showcases these works through exhibits around the world as well as a cyber-art gallery via their website.

View the paintings created on stage from all over the world:
http://www.theredpaintings.com /trinc/gallery/themeshowpaintings


The Red Paintings Logo

Saturday, 30 September 2017
We often receive questions regarding the band's logo as it is an adaptation of the Communist hammer and sickle.  People sometimes mistake The Red Paintings logo as a negative symbol however it represents something quite the contrary.  The true meaning of Communism before it took on a more corrupt and sinister nature promoted that the world live in a classless society and that the ownership of all property be shared.  The world would adopt a social consciousness so as to be free of exploitation, elitism and lessen discriminative tendencies.  It is with these ideas in mind that TRP chose to mould the logo into something representative of what the band tries to promote.

This ideology is mirrored in the stage shows as TRP welcomes anyone to join them on stage and paint the live energy in real time regardless of whether they have painted before.  The band's utmost priority is everyone's experience of the live show and TRP strive to create an atmosphere and energy that is unforgettable.

"We want to be approachable and connect with the fans on a human as well as artistic level so the experience our fans have is very important to us." - Trash McSweeney 

TRP Logo 3D


Wednesday, 07 December 2016
For 5 years now TRP have been saving the lives of battery hens who have been rescued from extremely inhumane environments.  Their condition upon arrival at the sanctuary is upsetting as they usually have little to no feathers, deformed feet and trimmed beaks. The band play their part and give these beautiful birds a chance at living a much happier life in a large outdoor sanctuary built with their comfort and happiness in mind. The sanctuary located in Brisbane, Australia is a large stress free space where the birds can roam in the sun all day long, have a dustbath or lounge in the shade of a mango tree with not a care in the world!

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The Red Paintings PledgeMusic Campaign: Why the face of Anonymous?

Friday, 02 December 2016
For those of you who don't know, the infamous wide grinned moustached mask is actually the face of Guy Fawkes, a conspirator whose plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London was foiled in 1605.  His image has since been adopted by Anonymous and the comic book later to become a Warner Bros. motion picture, V for Vendetta.  The image is associated with anti-establishment and anti-government protests.  

So why did this become the face of The Red Paintings conceptual crowdfunding campaign?  As the illusive character named "TIME" explains in the first video that launched the campaign back in March 2016, the music industry‚Äôs lack of funding and artist development forced the band to seek alternative means in order to continue their creative process.  Rather than embracing acts that have true integrity and authenticity, the interest of today's industry lies in fuelling hundreds of manufactured acts leading to superficial, cookie cutter artists that a majority of which are funded by the corporations.  As an activist, art-rock band, the last thing that The Red Paintings wishes to become is a poster child for Coca-Cola.  The image of the Guy Fawkes mask coupled with the campaign's conceptual storyline embedded with strong messages/imagery the band was, and still is, giving the middle finger to the industry and corporations.  The campaign may be a means of making ends meet but in true Red Paintings fashion, they have moulded it into a complex piece of art in it's own right.  

Link to campaign launch video: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/

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TRP & Anonymous take to Hollywood Boulevard

Friday, 18 November 2016
The Red Paintings suit up as Anonymous and parade up and down Hollywood Boulevard in protest of the US elections.  In our opinion neither candidate was a suitable contender in running for President and the fact that the public was forced to choose between the "lesser of two evils" means that there is something severely wrong with the system.  This is NOT how countries should be run and this is what we had to say about it...

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